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Elementary Education


The program in the area of Elementary Education is designed to prepare prospective teachers for the elementary school, grades K through 6. The program provides appropriate cultural and scientific background and professional preparation for prospective teachers at both the primary and intermediate levels of the elementary school.

Candidates develop an appreciation and sensitivity to societal problems through intensive studies in the general education program and an understanding of children’s growth and development through the sequence in elementary education.

Professional competence is enhanced and facilitated through direct contact with children in diversified settings where behavior and learning processes are observed and directed. Opportunity is provided for candidate options and decisions, based upon individual needs, abilities and interests. The curriculum provides an adequate background for candidates who wish to pursue graduate study in Elementary Education and related areas of specialization.


Undergraduate Program (Baccalaureate Degree):

Graduate Degrees:

Master of Education Degree

Online Master of Education Degree

Educational Specialist Degree