The partnership between Alabama State University (ASU) and the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center (UABCCC) builds upon an existing partnership between these 2 institutions. Each institution brings to the table a unique set of strengths that effectively supplement the inherent weaknesses of the others. It is also worth noting that the Partnership is geographically located within the heart of the Southeast, a region with a large, historically underserved, African-American population. The partnership is determined to make a significant contribution to the elimination of health disparity in cancer.

The partnership’s central objective is to establish an effective cancer research and training program at ASU and developing a pipeline of prospective minority investigators at ASU. We are determined that this partnership will accomplish its goal through the enhancement of cancer research, education and training at ASU through institutional support, an effective collaboration between two institutions (ASU-UABCCC) and faculty and student career development in cancer and cancer health disparity research and education.

Our principal goal is to build on the successes of the last year and develop sustained and integrated organizational changes at ASU and the UAB CCC, enabling us to conduct research that will lead to reduced health disparities. To achieve this, the ASU/UAB CCC Partnership will pursue the following specific aims:

To enhance, by development of junior faculty members, the research and administrative infrastructure to conduct competitive basic and community-based cancer research at ASU. The comprehensive Administrative Core will support and facilitate initiatives to conduct with research ethics and provide scientific overview.
To develop investigators committed to research in cancer disparities at both partnering institutions. The Cancer Research Program will have two basic research pilot projects with anticipated outcomes to identify novel molecular biomarkers for colorectal cancer and immune-regulatory mechanisms during prostate cancer progression. Moreover, this program will aid in career development of two junior faculty members of ASU.
To develop a robust pipeline of minority cancer disparity researchers and health professionals both at ASU and UAB. The Cancer Training/Education Program will facilitate junior faculty, graduate, and undergraduate student training and development in the area of cancer research.