Your ASU ID Card

Your ASU ID Card is essential, as you navigate campus! Take it everywhere you go and keep it on you at all times!

It is your key to identification, access to your room/ building, and other campus services like dining and printing.

New faculty, staff and students needing an ID should follow the following instructions:

  1. Follow the link to the GET Portal-
  2. Select Alabama State University
  3. Use your ASU email to register (you will set your password at this time)
  4. Under Quick Links, select upload ID Photo

Please remember the following photo guidelines:

1) A passport photo (or similar type of photo) will work. You can take one of these photos at the Post Office or your
local drug store for a nominal cost.
2) If you take your own "selfie," ensure that you do so in front of a white or light-coloured wall (no brick or dark-coloured
3) Don't take a photo wearing glasses, hats, caps, scarves or head wraps --unless it is for Religious or disability
reasons (and we will verify!).
4) Photos that don't meet these requirements will be returned for another submission (so get it right the first time)!
After your photo has been approved, you can pick up your card when students return to campus in the Fall at the ID
station located in the Hardy Center.


Lost or Damaged Your ID Card or Need a Replacement?

The replacement fee for ID cards is $25. Payments can be made at the Cashier's Office window. Bring the receipt to the ID Station in the Hardy Center and receive a new ID card. If your ID card is worn or the picture has faded, you will receive a new ID free of charge.

Questions or Concerns?
Contact the ID Station at 334-229-4751