What to Experience at ASU Homecoming

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All photos are from Alabama State University's 2022 Homecoming.
By Hazel Scott/ASU

Homecomings at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are annual events that are circled on calendars months before they happen. This year, Alabama State University’s Homecoming runs from Oct. 2-8, with game day on October 7 when ASU plays against Bethune-Cookman. The 2023  Homecoming theme is "It's a Vibe."

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For alumni, Homecoming is a time to return to campus to see old friends and professors and revisit important places on campus.

The ASU campus will come alive with touring alumni, fraternity members and students walking the campus, as well as experiencing block parties, concerts, and great food. There are many other popular events to enjoy, including the Homecoming Walk, the Miss ASU Coronation, a step show, Alumni Book Fair, a concert and much more.

School pride fills the campus as Hornets tailgate and then file into the ASU Stadium for the Saturday football game. Of course, one of the highlights of the day will be the highly anticipated halftime show featuring the popular Mighty Marching Hornets Band.

During the festivities, students have the chance to showcase their talents and connect to HBCU culture – past and present – at the weeklong festivities. Students can learn firsthand about the history of their University and the surrounding communities.

For a complete list of Homecoming activities, visit www.alasu.edu/FallEvents.


Each HBCU has its own unique traditions.

At Alabama State University, it was a tradition for many years to combine Homecoming with the Turkey Day Classic in November. In 2020, the University separated the events to allow students and alumni to experience three separate home celebrations (Labor Day Classic, Homecoming, and the Turkey Day Classic).

The split also allows students to celebrate Homecoming in October before going home in November, while also providing a great event for others who support Hornets football.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint a precise beginning to HBCU Homecomings, it’s the alumni-center event surrounding a fall football game.  Over the years, however, Homecoming has become a broader festival of Black culture and Black excellence.  


For ​ASU,​ Homecoming is an important fundraising time. Many returning alumni often make donations. These donations are celebrated at halftime of the Homecoming football games.

It is understandable that some recent graduates may not have the money for endowment. However, if you can’t donate your money, donate your time through giving advice or mentoring an incoming freshmen that is majoring in what you received your degree in. Even donating as little as $25 to $100 makes a difference. Whether you are providing service or payment, it all moves ASU forward.
In the end, ASU Homecoming experience is more than just donations and alumni reliving their glory days. It’s a celebration of Black excellence, Black culture, and a way to build community across generations.