Violence Against Wo(men) Program Key Personalities


The Violence Against Wo(men) Program is proudly presenting the key personalities who are diligently working to make our campus VAW Program more transparent and communicative.  VAWP personalities are representing from diverse backgrounds.  Some of them are faculty members and administrative staff members at ASU. If students, faculty, staff, or community members at ASU are interested to meet any of our key personalities, please do contact them and share your thoughts. We strongly believe more collaborative projects will bring incredibly productive and safer environment to our students and communities. We welcome your opinions on VAWP. Please read our key personalities’ brief bio.

Ms. Cheryl Lang

Cheryl Lang

VAWP Program Director
Alabama State University
Telephone: (334) 229-6767

Ms. Cheryl Lang, the Violence Against Wo(men) Program Director received the 2015 Citizen's Service Award for her work with the ASUPD in addressing sexual assault, interpersonal violence and stalking. She has worked with Sexual, Domestic and Dating Violence issues from every aspect of the process.  Some of which includes the provision of educational presentations and trainings for nurses across the State and for the State Dept. of Corrections and the Dept. of Youth Services on Prison Rape Elimination.  She has performed over 300 forensic rape examinations on sexual assault survivors and served as an expert witness as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) locally and abroad.  Ms. Lang comes to ASU from the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission (ACVCC).  The availability of physicians and nurses working in the field of sexual assault forensics suffers. Therefore, a couple of her notable accomplishments were that she drafted and presented data to the ACVCC that led to a 40% increase in pay for SANEs in Alabama and she presented data that led to the compensation of physicians who provide review of forensic records. Ms. Lang is the former Director of ASU Health Services.  Ms. Lang is a native of Mobile, AL.


Ms. Rolanda Horn

rolanda small

Executive Assistant to the
Chief of Staff

Alabama State University
Telephone: 229-6500.

Rolanda Horn is a native of Grove Hill, Alabama.  Receiving her BS from Alabama State University August 2000, Rolanda wasted no time to further her education. She received a Master of Public Administration from Auburn Montgomery and a Master of Adult Education from Troy Montgomery. Her passion to see others excel continues to propel her forward. Her goal is to receive a doctorate degree and continue a legacy in higher education.  Growing up in a military family, Ms. Horn is no stranger to diversity and embraces the differences that bring humanity together, rather a part. A proud alumnus of ASU, Rolanda currently works as the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff. One of her assignments is to coordinate mandatory education for the Violence Against Wo(men) Program, also known as M.O.V.E. for the campus community. For questions regarding mandatory education (HAVEN), please contact Ms. Horn at or at 229-6500.


Dr. Brenda Gill


Associate Professor of Sociology
Department of CJSS
1300 Carter Hill Road
Old Medical Building
Phone: (334) 229-4488


Brenda I. Gill (BIG) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice & Social Sciences at Alabama State University. She received her PhD (2009) in Sociology from Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan as a mixed method prepared Family Sociologist with a minor in Education.

Her main research applies statistical models to understand the relationship of structural, interactional, and socio-economic factors to health, mental health, violence, media influence, diversity and multiculturalism, and abuse in families and individuals. Her many publications which reflect these interests appear in nationally recognized and leading international journals.

Dr. Gill has worked on some of the largest survey research projects on families and adolescents in Guyana and has helped with survey related data analysis and reports for Trinidad and Tobago’s TREND study. More recently, she has conducted a large study “Developing Evidence-Based Intervention Strategies for Caribbean at Risk Youth: Risks and Protective Behaviors (EBISCRY) in Guyana, SA. This is projected as a longitudinal study of adolescent trends in the Caribbean. The primary purpose is to provide data of value for prevention, intervention, assessment, evaluation, and policy development. During her career Dr. Gill she has received awards for excellence in Research. Please meet Dr. Gill at


Dr. Seela Aladuwaka

Seela Small3

Assistant Professor of Geogrpahy
Department of CJSS
122B, Paterson Hall
Alabama State University
Telephone: (334) 229-5416.

Dr. Seela Aladuwaka is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Alabama State University. Dr. Aladuwaka received a Fulbright scholarship to earn her master’s degree from American University, Washington DC and earned her undergraduate degree from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. She received her Ph.D. degree in geography from West Virginia University in 2003. Her research focuses on poverty, gender and development. She also works on issues related to gender and health, with special focus on HIV/AIDS and domestic violence. She was also Assistant Director (Research) at the International Center for Ethnic Studies (ICES), Kandy, Sri Lanka from January 2007 to April 2008 and has over 20 years of research experiences in social issues. Presently, she serves as a senior research fellow for Global Vision, Centre for Knowledge Advancement in Kandy, Sri Lanka. She has been a researcher on various projects funded by the Asia Foundation and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Sri Lanka, Clingendael Institute, Netherlands, United Nations Population Fund, and World Vision. Currently, she is working on civil rights and poverty in the Black Belt and serves as a mentor for ASU students in the Maternal & Child Health Policy & Leadership Program coordinated through University of Alabama at Birmingham focusing on violence prevention and healthy relationships.  Dr. Aladuwaka’s email is