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Photo credit David Campbell/ASU.

ASU's Campus Security Rating is Among Safest & Best 
Among HBCUs in Alabama!
- The rating is due to the University's proactive public safety procedures and leadership.
By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU 
Alabama State University’s campus security rating has been upgraded due to a low incident of crimes over the last three years. The new rating is indicated in a yearly report filed by the higher education monitoring service known as "Niche." The director of ASU's Department of Public Safety, Kelvin Kendrick, explained that the University's campus has received a "B" rating from Niche, which gives Alabama State the safest rating among all Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Alabama.
"Due to the care and concentrated leadership effort that comes from ASU President Quinton Ross, our Department of Public Safety has worked long and hard to ensure that the campus and its Hornet Nation family remain safe and as crime free as possible, which is due to plans and procedures that we have put in place," Kendrick said from his office on Carter Hill Road. "While we will not share the many details that we have put in place so the criminals will not know our plans to combat them, I am sure everyone has noticed the many steps we have publicly taken, such as making sure whoever comes onto our campus is first checked by ASU police officers at the main entrance, as well as the several security training courses we have instituted for our faculty, staff and students - and our own public safety officers - with the training and help of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and the Montgomery Police Department so we may do our best to combat crime."
The organization that gave ASU the upgrade, The Niche Report, reviews such data as may be published by the Federal "Clery-Act" compliance and reporting overview report that aims to provide transparency around campus crime policy and statistics. The Niche Report also reviews all other pertinent data on schools nationwide from K-12 to institutions of higher education - both public and private - to provide information on the many other aspects that make a campus safe for its students.
Kendrick shared that ASU's rating was upgraded by Niche from the "C” that many HBCUs hold at present.
"We are the safest Niche-rated HBCU in Alabama and are in the upper percentile of others in the nation," stated ASU's top law enforcement officer. "We will continue to be proactive and vigilant in protecting the items and property in our students’ residence halls, their cars and among the offices and other facilities here on campus."
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