WEB DuBois Mashhead

W.E.B. DuBois Honors Program


The Interdisciplinary Honors program offers an academically challenging course of study designed to encourage students to pursue outstanding and independent academic achievement, to expand the breadth and depth of their educational experience beyond the standard curriculum, and to prepare for lives of leadership and service to their communities. Students complete seminar classes, symposia, independent study courses, and capstone research classes that eventually lead to an honors diploma.

Courses Offered:  


  • ENG 140 and 141
  • HIS 131 and 132
  • HUM 101, 104, 204, 304, 404
  • GEO 206 and 320




harrisDr. Cynthia Harris                                                                                                                                         Director of W.E.B. Du’Bois Honors Program                                                                                              Ed.D. Pastoral Community Counseling Argosy University                                                                   Office: 115 Paterson Hall                                                                                                                           Email: cashley@alasu.edu                                                                                                                           Phone: 334-604-8021