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University College prepares new students for the degree-granting colleges and it assists degree-granting college students with achieving academic milestones. Additionally, University College houses the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies which offers the Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies. Therefore this unit, through sound pedagogy and best practices, helps students transition from high school to college. Further, this unit provides services for students beyond the freshman level to help them have a successful outcome at Alabama State University. The unit works to create successful paths for life-long learning for graduates of the university who become future ambassadors...

Resources and services in University College include: the Department of Advancement Studies, with the Orientation Program, W.E.B. DuBois Honors Program, College Reading Program, TRIO Program, and University College Tutorial Support Learning Centers, Additionally, University College is an academic unit which partners with campus units and student support programs to help students have an excellent start. Any ASU student needing instructional support can seek services from academic support units in the college. Therefore, University College’s theme is: Creating Successful Pathways for Life-long Learning.

Student Success Programs

At ASU, we want every student to succeed. That’s why we offer programs and services aimed at helping all students enter college, get the degree of their choice and graduate to a successful future. Our student success programs include our Honor’s Program, Academic Support Centers, Living and Learning Community, University College High Achievers and TRIO Programs.

Advancement Studies

If your entrance exam scores fall below the minimum standards on an approved placement test, University College offers instructional support courses and services of excellence, which address your needs as you prepare for collegiate study.  As all degree-granting colleges at ASU offer core courses that students must complete for graduation, University College offers Geography courses at the freshmen level.  We also offer a Freshmen Experience Orientation Program that prepares all students for college success with tips on time and money management, goal setting and study and test taking skills. University College Freshmen Experience (FYE) programs and activities assist first-year undergraduate students to better adjust to the Alabama State University environment.

Most importantly, many programs designed by the University College Convocation Committee and the Advancement Studies Department professionals celebrate the ASU First-Year Experience. See the 2021 University College Honorees in the University College Yearbook, "ASU Freshmen Picture of Success."

W.E.B DuBois Honors Program

The W.E. B. DuBois Honors Program is designed to challenge talented, academically strong students through providing opportunities for outstanding and independent academic achievement and educational experiences beyond the standard curriculum. It also encourages accelerated students to develop and reach their maximum potential and engage in a lifelong commitment to service.

Trio Programs

Trio Program at Alabama State University consists of Upward Bound, Educational Talent Search (Pre-college programs), and Student Support Services (Collegiate). The Trio's Pre-College programs are responsible for recruiting approximately 796 participants collectively each year. This program provides academic counselling, tutorial services, and college preparatory courses, and information dissemination. Many of the students recruited through these programs often enrolled at ASU as a result of the early contact or influence of the University's staff and resources. Those who enroll at ASU are referred to Student Support Services to provide a continuum of academic support services focusing on those students entering graduate programs and beyond. Therefore, it is believed or evident that TRIO programs significantly impact recruitment and retention at the University. Most of the programs in TRIO have a bridge program component to University College.


Office of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Office of Interdisciplinary Studies offers the Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree to meet the following objectives:

  • Students will obtain an understanding of interdisciplinary theory and application.
  • Students will attain a clear understanding of the potential careers for the individualized degree program they propose.
  • Students will communicate and accomplish their individual academic goals.

The BIS degree is intended for students whose academic interest might not be satisfied with existing majors. The BIS degree creates a specialized degree to prepare students for a future in a world which bridges academic disciplines for a variety of career options. Students who graduate with this degree find employment in government, business and many unique fields. The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program allows students to combine coursework in concentration areas based on personal interest, the desire for self-improvement, career advancement, or preparation for study in a professional graduate program. Additionally, students with a variety of courses from other colleges and universities who do not have adequate credits for a traditional degree may find the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program allows them to use many of their previously earned credits.

The degree seeking students have their own professional BIS Advisor for their Area of Study throughout the duration of the program at Alabama State University.

The BIS degree is supervised by the Interdisciplinary Studies Director, the Interdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee comprised of the dean of the college, faculty and staff members who have academic and professional expertise in many fields.