Honors Program Yearbook

2021 Freshman Convocation Yearbook

The University College Public Relations Committee and Convocation Committee has published the Spring 2021 Freshmen Honors Convocation in a Digital Yearbook for the first time. We are excited to put it together, and it will showcase our students' success. The University College Freshman Honors Convocation 2021 was a virtual event. Dr. Evelyn Hodge (Dean), faculty, and staff congratulate our students for outstanding achievements in their freshman year. The college was pleased to planed this virtual convocation and is delighted to share the yearbook with our excellent students, families, and friends.

Achieving high honors is an achievement within itself. We all celebrate this virtual convocation, and the yearbook has gone the extra mile to achieve academic success. Please understand that this attainment of yours is not accidental. We are certain that you have tirelessly spent hours preparing for exams, polishing essays, practicing speeches, and participating in several extracurricular and student-led activities, which culminated at this moment. University College faculty and staff applaud your fine efforts; and encourage you to strive for even greater success. Let not this honor be a one-time event or a notch in your belt of accolades. Therefore, do not rest on your laurels, but press onward. You have so much potential, and there are countless. To access the yearbook, please click the link below.


U.C Honors Convocation 2021 - Yearbook

Spring 2021 Honors Convocation Yearbook