REC 452.


CLINICAL FIELD PLACEMENT IN RECREATIONAL THERAPY (12). A rigorous, field-based, clinical learning experience completed by senior recreational therapy (RT) majors, under the direct supervision of a full- time certified therapeutic recreation specialist in a clinical, residential or community- based RT program. The student is actively involved in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of individual and group RT programs.  The structure and content of the internship are based on the therapeutic recreation process, as defined by the 2013 National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) Job Analysis: Job Tasks, and exceed NCTRC minimum field placement standards. This clinical field placement experience requires the completion of 600 or more clock hours, to be completed in a minimum of 15 consecutive weeks. Written requirements submitted regularly to the university during the internship are an integral part of the fieldwork experience.  Upon completion of the internship, students may submit certification applications to NCTRC. Prerequisites: advanced senior standing, completion of all core REC courses, and approval of the field placement director.

Course of Instruction Degree Program