Two “College Hill: Celebrity Edition” Celebs Attend Premiere Screening of Show Set at ASU

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BET’s  “College Hill: Celebrity Edition Season 2” stars O'Ryan Browner, left, and Kwaylon Rogers, right, pose with Alabama State University President Quinton T. Ross, Jr.


By Hazel Scott/ASU

Ever dreamed of sitting in class next to celebrities like model Amber Rose or studying at the library with basketball legend Iman Shumpert, R&B singer O’Ryan Browner or reality TV personality Joseline Hernandez! How about shooting a student film with social media star Kwaylon Rogers?

Well, a select group of Alabama State University students had that chance during the Fall 2022 semester when the cast of  BET’s  “College Hill: Celebrity Edition Season 2”  was enrolled at the University to work toward completing a specialty certificate program.

Other cast members were reality star Tiffany “New York” Pollard, actress Parker McKenna Posey and returning star from season 1, singer/actor Ray J.

Like any other college student, the celebrity students were required to attend classes, follow University policies, complete their coursework and take mid-terms and finals. The shooting lasted for four weeks, as camera crews swarmed the campus and major ASU events like The Magic City Classic, capturing the reality of the stars’ experience. 

To celebrate BET shooting the reality show’s second season on the ASU campus, the University co-sponsored  A “College Hill: Celebrity Edition” screening and Yard  Fest on Tuesday, April 25, at the John Garrick Hardy Student Center.  

ASU President, Dr. Quinton  T. Ross, Jr. welcomed students to the premiere screening of the first episode of Season 2. The entire season will begin May  11 on BET+. 

“ASU is excited for the opportunity for the world to see the academic excellence and the many talents that are here on the campus of ASU,”  said Ross, who also thanked everyone involved, including the BET Plus Unscripted Team. “This is a unique opportunity to introduce ASU to new audiences. We hope our participation will enhance the interest in not only Alabama State University but also all HBCUs.”

Ross then informed the crowd of a special surprise. At that moment, the sounds of the ASU Mighty Marching Hornets filled the air as the band escorted College Hill celebrities O’Ryan and Kwaylon into a room full of excited students. They joined the crowd in watching the screening, which was met with shouts of laughter and enthusiastic applause. The celebrities also participated in a Q&A and an ASU Trivia Contest, hosted by Miss ASU 2022-23 Aleah Robinson and 2022-23 SGA Vice President Trent Martinez. 

Both celebrities agreed that their experience at ASU was like none other.

"My experience here got me back to being motivated to work hard.  I think being an influencer / creator  is kind of easy because we get slides versus ASU who didn’t care about the celebrity aspect; we were treated like any other students. I had to really get into my studies…I can say this is 100 percent the school to go to. I went to a black school, Texas Southern, a shout out to them, but this school (ASU) just carries a different culture, a different energy. So, if you are looking to go to school or looking to come back to school, ASU is the place to be,” said Kwaylon.

O’Ryan said he would definitely recommend attending an HBCU, especially ASU.

“‘I Swarm As 1.’ I learned that the ASU logo means to stick together and you can get it done faster and its more fun that way…I believe it’s very important to be around like-minded people and people who look like you that you can relate to when you are advancing in your life…I appreciate the ASU faculty, staff, and student body. ASU is entrenched in history, including being a part of the Civil Rights Movement,” O’Ryan pointed out.

Hornet Nation is encouraged to watch the show on television on BET+.

“....For the world to be able to see what goes on at Alabama State University is an exciting opportunity. We are welcoming all students who want to get the same experience that the celebrities had, but not only the celebrities but our current students have,  to reach out to Alabama State University because we are a home waiting to expand the minds of our students,” said Dr. Tanjula Petty, Associate Provost for Student Success and Special Initiatives.

The event culminated with a festive Yard Fest, provided by BET, where there was free food, music and giveaways. The crowd was entertained by a special performance from the ASU Honey Beez.

“The  Yard  Fest is a celebration of the launching of the first episode of the show College Hill Celebrity Edition: Season 2, where it highlighted ASU,” Petty said. “We were thrilled to see that during the on-campus scenes, the first episode highlighted the beauty of our campus and the experiences and excitement that can only be found at Alabama State University.”

About the Show

The eight-episode series is a  reality show that documents the life of eight diverse celebrities as they attempt to live under the same roof while they are fully immersed in an HBCU experience, set against the backdrop of the campus of Alabama State University.