Theatre and Dance Presents ‘Slammin’ III’

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By Hazel Scott/ASU

The Department of Theatre and Dance at Alabama State University will present the moving production of “Slammin’ III: Ace In The Hole…Driven By The Blues” on Friday, September 15, at 6 p.m. in the Leila Barlow Theatre.  The “new work” is by ASU faculty member Kenderick Hardy, M.F.A., and ASU student Denisa Mills, a senior.

This tandem story showcases a fictitious world of fantastical happenings that involve Spoken-Word Poetry and The Blues. Tandem is a new story form where one person writes the first paragraph, and a second person writes the second paragraph. It continues until the conclusion of the story.

 “The richness of each character's life experiences takes us on a journey,” said Stephanie Provitt, the production manager in ASU’s Department of Theatre Arts.  “It allows one to see how to cope with adversity. It encourages optimism – ‘When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade’.”

General admission to the show is $5.  For more information, call 334-229-6929/4551.