Student Organization Registration Forms



This packet will guide you through the process of forming a new student organization or reactivating an organization at Alabama State University. Forming a group can be a challenging, but very rewarding process. To ensure success, the Student Involvement, Inclusion and Community Engagement Division of the Office of Student Life has designed a process that will help your group form a solid foundation so that your organization can succeed and provide valuable experiences for your fellow students.

There are many positive benefits associated with being a recognized group on campus, including use of the Alabama State University name, ability to reserve space, and take advantage of the services offered through the Office of Student Life. There are also several
responsibilities associated with being a recognized group, including abiding by Policies & Rules for Student Organizations, updating officer information whenever there is a change, and renewing your recognition status at the end of every Spring semester.

When starting a new student organization there are several questions to consider:

1. First, is there another group on campus that exists that meets the interests you’re looking for in a student organization?

2. Would you be able to recruit a minimum of ten members for the group?

3. Do you have the time to work on all of the requirements and/or are others helping you?

The following applications are available to fill out and submit online:

New Student Organization Application

Student Organization Contract

Student Organization Renewal Form Application

Student Organization  Officer & Member Application

Student Advisor Agreement Application

The staff in the Student Involvement, Inclusion and Community Engagement Division of the Office of Student Life is available to help you answer these questions and provide you with assistance in forming or activating your group. If you need any assistance throughout
this process, please contact our office.

Best wishes,
Kamela D. Kennedy
Kamela Kennedy, Coordinator
Student Involvement, Inclusion and Community Engagement
Office of Student Life/Division of Student Affairs
(334) 229-4888/