Health Center

When you’re away at college and not feeling well, it may not be possible to get a batch of Mom’s chicken noodle soup or special home remedy, but our Health Center can make sure you get the treatment you need, so that you can start feeling your best again. In addition to treatment for illness and injury, the Health Center offers preventative care and promotes a number of wellness and health education activities on campus.

All enrolled ASU students are eligible for services at the Health Center and are covered by the Fixed Indemnity Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan.

Our Health Center is located on the ground floor of Simpson Hall. Students who may have questions about our services are encouraged to visit, call 334-229-4436 or email us at healthservices@alasu.eduThe center is staffed with two Registered Nurses, a Medical Secretary, Contracted Pharmacist, Registered Nurse Director and Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner. Collectively, the staff possesses more than sixty years of experience.

Health Services Mission

The mission of the Health Center is to provide quality, cost-effective healthcare to students, while being committed to exceptional customer service. The Health Center prioritizes the health and well-being of our students, by promoting the importance of making health lifestyle choices and hosting inspiring educational programs. 

Are You A New Student to ASU? Then You Must Be in Health Compliance!

In order to maintain a healthy and safe campus environment, students are required to submit up-to-date immunization information upon enrolling at the university. In addition to completing the university’s Health Evaluation Form, students must complete a physical examination and provide proof of two measles immunizations (MMR) and a tuberculosis test (not older than 12 months). It should be noted that complete privacy and confidentiality of records are enforced according to the Health Insurance Portability and Account Act (HIPPA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Helpful Tidbits to Know!

  • All enrolled students are eligible for services at the Health Center!
  • You must present your University I.D. upon each visit!
  • We provide care to sick and injured students!
  • Where applicable, charges are applied to students' accounts and must be paid in full by the end of each semester!
  • We can assist with insurance needs!