Counseling Services

College is a time of tremendous growth, excitement, and increased independence for most students. It’s a time to step outside your comfort zone, to meet new people, face new experiences and build new friendships.

Often, college life can bring with it responsibilities you may never have had to shoulder on your own. Sometimes, the demands of balancing work, classes and social activities can become stressful or overwhelming, and you may need someone to talk to or a place to turn for guidance.

These feelings are common, and the staff at ASU’s Counseling Center is experienced at helping students adjust to the demands of college life and cope with many other issues that may arise during these years of growth and transition. We offer a number of services to help students experience academic achievement, as well as personal, emotional and social growth.

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Mental Health/Emotional Wellness Counseling

To provide opportunities for students to discuss difficulties, thoughts, feelings or concerns with the professional counseling staff, who help them solve or cope with personal problems.


Group Counseling

Group counseling provides opportunities for students to participate with peers and professionals in exploring feelings, behaviors and other common concerns in a supportive atmosphere to gain clarification and feedback, and to plan appropriate action.

On-Call Crisis Counseling Services

The on-call crisis counseling provides after hours crisis counseling services for students, Monday through Sunday.

Mandated Counseling Programs

The Counseling Center offers specific programs to help students referred from the Judicial Affairs Office deal with social conflicts. Our special group programs are Anger Management, Alcohol/Substance Use Intervention.

The Crisis or Psychological Counseling/Referral Program

This program is designed to follow established guidelines in helping students face obstacles to life goals or traumatic situations that are, for the time being, insurmountable through the customary method of problem solving. Extreme psychological problems are referred to the campus physician for assessment and referred to off campus resources.

 Internship and Leadership Training

This training program provides supervised practicum and internship training for graduate students pursuing a degree in counseling.

 Commuter Student Services

These services are designed to meet the special needs and provide coordination of resources for the off campus population.



Conselors are on duty in the freshmen residence halls Tuesday-Thursday evenings.