Student Organizations Not Recognized at ASU

Cease & Desist

(per the university or local/regional/national leadership)


Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated

Delta Phi Delta Dance Fraternity, Incorporated

ELITE Models


National Moratorium

(per national or international leadership)


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated (Membership Intake Activities Only)


Student Organizations Not Recognized at ASU

(organizations listed below are not recognized and illegal at ASU)

*Individuals caught attempting to engage with or participate in these organizations can face immediate judicial and legal (i.e, local, state and federal law) sanctions. 


Alpha Phi Omega


Red Dawg

Alpha Delta Psi

The "Sting Sting"


D PHI M-Over Lords (Drum Majors)

BREEZE (Piccolo Section)

C PHI C/KIT (Clarinet Section)

Sigma Alpha Chi (Saxophone Section)

CREAM (Trumpet Section)

MBB-Mellodrama (Mellophone Section)

BBG (Baritone Section)

TAF-Trunk A Funk (Trombone Section)

Heaven & Hell (Trombones & Baritones Section)

Sigma Phi Beta (Tuba Section)

TTB/20202 (Percussion Section)

Z PHI Z (Cymbal Section)

S II S-Sin II Spin (Flag Line)

STING-STING (Dance Line)

Honey Phi B (Honey Beez)

A D Psi (Alabama Band Members)

Red Dawg Order (Georgia Band Members)

N Phi O (New Orleans Band Members)

Tau Rho Beta (Chicago Band Members)

Purple Haze (An illegal smoking club)