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Student Government Association

The Alabama State University Student Government Association strives to promote a thriving campus through initiatives, events, and partnerships with many organizations. We believe that the student body comes first and we are here to represent any concerns that come about in each student’s lives. 

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves the campus community by addressing student concerns, promoting understanding within the college community and administering all matters which are delegated to the student government by the university president. 
The responsibility for the governing of the student body is vested in the students themselves. 

All students are members of the SGA upon their enrollment and officers and senators are elected on a yearly basis

  • SGA has representation on most university-wide councils and committees
  • SGA sets aside a portion of its monies to encourage organizations to sponsor activities which can benefit all students

Please come by the Student Government Association Suite on the second floor of the John Garrick Hardy Center or feel free to contact any member to address your concerns.

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