Life in Montgomery

The capital of Alabama and its second-largest city, Montgomery offers its residents a rich history, warm climate, riverfront location, proximity to beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast and a 2-hour drive to one of the south’s most exciting cities: Atlanta, Georgia. No wonder it’s a great place to live and play.

Explore Montgomery’s top attractions, and then schedule a visit to check it out.

Local History

Incorporated in 1819, Montgomery is perhaps best known for its important role in the Civil Rights Movement. Montgomery was host to key events, like the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Selma to Montgomery marches and a sit-in and march by ASU students at the State Capitol.

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Sports & Outdoors

Montgomery’s warm weather---the average yearly temp is 65°---makes it ideal for walking, hiking, biking, golf and other outdoor activities, and the city’s sports team and facilities can please any fan.

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If indoors is more your style, Montgomery has convenient shopping, museums, music venues and more.

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