ASU Traditions

College is the start of something new, but it’s also a time when you can embrace the old by participating in the events and traditions that are the heart and soul of Alabama State University.

Ole ‘Bama State Spirit

Our most treasured tradition, Ole ‘Bama State Spirit is a sense of pride that comes from being part of a community that has always embraced anyone who wanted to work hard, get an education and lift up others through service. Since 1867, an ASU education has meant dignity and self-respect, and we encourage all students and alumni to walk a little taller and carry on the tradition of hope and opportunity that is the Ole ‘Bama State Spirit.

Turkey Day Classic

One of the most popular traditions at ASU, the annual Turkey Day Classic is ASU’s homecoming. The event, which began in 1924, is the nation’s oldest black football classic. The Turkey Day Classic draws over 30,000 people and includes a pep rally, parade, concert and, of course, the football game between the Alabama State University Hornets and the Tuskegee University Golden Tigers on Thanksgiving Day.

Magic City Classic

The Magic City Classic is held in Birmingham, Alabama, and is the nation’s largest black college football classic. The event features a weekend full of excitement, including a pep rally, parade, dozens of parties, tailgating, and, of course, the game and half-time “battle of the bands” between the Alabama State University Hornets and the Alabama A&M Bulldogs. The annual match-up began in 1940 and today draws nearly 100,000 devoted fans inside and outside Legion Field stadium.

Hornet Pride

Hornet Pride is a tradition of social responsibility, personal honor, morality and good citizenship. At ASU, we expect all students to take pride in the school by learning the university hymn and staying informed of campus events. We also expect students to take pride in themselves and others by presenting a friendly attitude, accepting their responsibilities, making their own decisions and respecting themselves and everyone around them.

University Fall Convocation

Held at the start of each academic year, ASU’s Fall Convocation offers students and faculty a look at the university’s new and existing programs, activities and investments. It also includes a “state of the university” address by the president.

Founders’ Day

During this annual event, the school and community come together to recognize the nine founders of Alabama State University--- Alexander Curtis, James Childs, Nicholas Dale, John Freeman, Davis Harris, Thomas Lee, Nathan Levert, Joey Pinch and Thomas Speed---and their dream to establish a place where black Americans could get an education. It’s also a time for everyone to reflect on how far the school has come since its start and on all the people who studied and taught at ASU and who have gone on to make the world a better place.

Parents Day / Honors Day

These two events are typically held together and recognize the contributions and sacrifices of parents and spouses and the hard work, academic excellence and leadership of many of ASU’s students.