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Welcome to the Academic Center for Educational Success

What is A.C.E.S.? The Academic Center for Educational Success or A.C.E.S. is a retention initiative aimed to provide comprehensive academic support services to all ASU students. ACES two-fold approach involves Intervention services for students who are not in good academic standing and Prevention services for students who desire additional academic support for enrichment.

What type of services does A.C.E.S. provide?

A.C.E.S. provides the following services:
  • Early Alert-Grades First
  • Intrusive Advising/Coaching
  • Referrals to Tutoring and other campus resources
  • Study & Learning Skills Assessments
  • Personal development workshops 
  • My Hornets’ Keeper Mentoring Program and Support Groups
  • Major and Career Guidance

Why is there an A.C.E.S. RET Hold on my HornetsWeb student account?

An ACES RET hold means that you have been identified as an ACES Intervention student. An ACES Intervention student is a student that has been referred to our office by the Registrar and/or Financial Aid offices. Students are referred to us because they are not in good academic standing according to the University’s academic standards and/or not making Federal Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). See Academic Policies below. In addition to having the hold on your account that will prevent you from registering for classes, you will receive an email from your assigned ACES Retention Specialist explaining your academic status.

Being an ACES Intervention student is not a “bad” thing. It just means that Alabama State University recognizes that some students need extra academic support to complete their college degree in a timely manner. As an Intervention student, we will be able to assess your learning and study skills strategies, major interest, and other factors that are necessary for educational success.


ASU’s Academic Probation policies are as follow:

A student (including a freshman) will be placed on academic probation whenever his or her cumulative (overall) grade point average at Alabama State University is less than the grade point averages identified below for the applicable level of cumulative graded hours:

Classification Graded Hours ASU GPA
Freshman 0 – 31 1.50
Sophomore 32 – 62 1.81
Junior 63 – 92 1.87
Senior More than 92 2.00

If a student does not earn a semester GPA of a 2.0 and maintain the 12 credit hours that he/she is enrolled, then the student will be suspended. Students will remain on Probation until the cumulative GPA reaches the appropriate status.

Financial Aid Probation policies (Satisfactory Academic Progress, SAP)

Classification Completion Rate of classes ASU GPA
1st year 67% 1.6
2nd year 67% 1.8 
3rd year and beyond 67% 2.0
Graduate 67% 3.0

To be cleared from FA Probation, a student must pass at least 67% of their enrolled courses for the semester and/or reach the required GPA for their classification. Students will remain on Probation until the cumulative GPA reaches the appropriate status.

IMPORTANT:  Clearance from one probationary status does not imply clearance from the other.

MOST IMPORTANT:  ALL SAP, Probationary, and Conditional Students (including Bridge) will be required to work with an ACES advisor and complete required activities as assigned by the ACES staff. An advisement hold is placed on all ACES students.  Assigned students will remain in ACES until their cumulative GPA reaches at least 2.3.