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Student Life

The Office of Student Life, which is in the Division of Student Affairs, assists to fulfill the university’s mission by its own mission of guiding and promoting unwavering student engagement, encouraging a sense of community, and providing opportunities for student growth and leadership development.  The office aspires to create an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and enhances our students’ ability to become global citizens.  The Office of Student Life has a vision of leading by providing innovative programs, events and activities of the 21st century, that allow Alabama State University students will be strategically positioned to lead, influence, and contribute to their communities locally, nationally, and globally for the improvement of the human condition.


The Office of Student Life is currently divided into eight areas to ensure that the specificity of the mission of Alabama State University is met as well as the mission of the Office of Student Life.  Those specific areas are designed to foster critical thought, encourage artistic creativity, develop professional competence, promote responsible citizenship in its students.  Those eight areas include:  

Academic Collaboration and Initiatives

Developing partnerships and initiating joint activities, events and programs that are inclusive of academicians on the campus is a priority of the Office of Student Life.  Academic Collaboration and Initiatives serve as a nexus between colleagues at Alabama State University and the Office of Student Life.  The Office of Student Life seeks to amplify and strengthen the mission of Alabama State University by building mutually-beneficial relationships between units that have not historically worked together, and by innovating how students, faculty and staff can employ the readily available resources within the university

Program Assessment and Staff Development

Developing and implementing an office-wide assessment plan so that the Student Affairs practitioners in the Office of Student Life could receive regular feedback from their main constituency – the students. It appears that assessment had not been a priority for the Office of Student Life in the past as no assessment instruments could be located for current use.  Since Alabama State University’s enrollment has become increasingly diverse in terms of students’ race, ethnicity, gender identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and age, these trends are only expected to continue as the university continues to move forward and enrollment continues to increase.

Student Leadership, Ethics, Public Service and Social Justice

  • Student Government Association
  • Miss Alabama State University Program
  • Best Man on Campus Leadership Program
  • Class Queens Leadership and Scholarship Program
  • First Year Leaders Empowerment Academy
  • Talented Tenth Advanced Leadership Academy
  • Social Justice Leadership Institute

Student Engagement, Graduate Outreach; and Student Advocacy

  • University Programs and Activities Board
  • Graduate Programs and Events Board
  • Student Advocacy

Student Expression, Media and Advertising

  • The Hornet Tribune
  • THE EQUINOX Literary Magazine
  • HORNET Yearbook
  • Business and Advertising

Student Involvement, Inclusion and Community Engagement

  • Registered Student Organizations
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Hazing and Harassment
  • Center for Community Engagement

            Service Learning


Student Recreation, Intramurals, Fitness, Health and Wellness

  • Intramural Sports
  • Club Sports
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Fitness
  • Power Lifting

John Garrick Hardy Center.

  • Game Room
  • Information Desk
  • Visitor Information
  • Building Maps
  • City Maps
  • City Bus Route