Student Big Winner in Black College Quiz!

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Pictured above is ASU student-scholar, Kayleigh Dunn (photo contributed).
ASU Student a Top-Three Winner Nationwide at the Black College Quiz
By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU
An Alabama State University student has placed as one of the top-three winners who competed in the Black College Quiz (Quiz), a national competition held recently in Atlanta, Georgia.
Kayleigh Dunn, a junior majoring in Finance at Alabama State University, placed as one of the winners at the Quiz that was held January 8-11 at the headquarters of Georgia Public Broadcasting. The event showcased the contestants knowledge of African-American history.
"I was excited and overjoyed to have done so well in this competition that had some of the most amazing and gifted students competing from approximately 25 different Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCUs) from across the nation. We all strived to do our best to represent our schools in this fact-based competition," Dunn stated. "As Harriet Tubman once said, 'Every great dream begins with a dreamer and always remember, you have within you, the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.' I believe there is great truth in what this pioneering advocate for equality and justice wrote in the 19th century, which I feel is true today in the 21st century."
ASU's Dr. Alecia D. Hoffman, associate professor of Political Science, worked closely with Dunn in her preparation for learning a myriad of historical facts that the host would possibly present during the multiple rounds of the event's question and answer format. Hoffman served as Dunn's coach for this nationally acclaimed event. 
"I am most impressed with Ms. Dunn, who is a stellar Alabama State student and who has the distinction of being a Presidential Scholar in the Global Leadership Initiative of the W.E.B. Dubois Honors Program. She was selected to participate in the Black College Quiz because of her depth of knowledge of African-American history and heritage. Moreover, her commitment to studying the information, given a limited time to prepare ahead of the event was also key," Hoffman said. "This opportunity allowed Kayleigh to compete with other students who were selected to represent their respective HBCUs, and I must say that Ms. Dunn did very well. This event serves to encourage the appreciation of African-American heritage in an entertaining format."
Hoffman shared that the event's format was designed to generate a high level of excitement and enthusiasm by featuring HBCU college students from around the country and showcasing their knowledge of Black history.
"We are so proud of Ms. Dunn who worked so very hard and put so much effort and practice time in learning so many historical facts, so she could best represent Alabama State University," Hoffman quipped. "Because of her hard work and diligence, she was recognized among the top-three student scholars in African-American history among the many well versed competitors at the Black College Quiz, and in doing so, made our University shine."
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