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Aleah Robinson,  Miss Alabama State University 2022-23 (contributed). 

Former Miss ASU to Receive Her Second Degree from ASU within One Year!
By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU
History is being made again at Alabama State University this week during the Dec. 1 Commencement Ceremony. Aleah Robinson, Miss Alabama State University 2022-23, will receive her second ASU degree within the same year. Robinson received her undergraduate degree in May, and on Friday, she will be awarded one of the first Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees that has been earned since the graduate-level program was announced by President Quinton T. Ross, Jr., on May 5, 2022. 
The dean of the Percy J. Vaughn College of Business Administration (COBA), Dr. Kamal Hingorani, explained that Robinson has been a COBA student for approximately the last four years. He described her as being among the "very best and the brightest" to graduate from the college that he oversees.
"Ms. Robinson is a standout student-scholar and personality in every sense that can be obtained and understood," Dean Hingorani said. "She is among the very best students, both academically and socially, which we have had in my memory as the administrator of COBA. She is graduating in the very first MBA cohort we have ever had since the degree was created, and on Dec. 1, after having graduated recently with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, will obtain her MBA at the same time as being employed in one of the world's top-four financial services and accounting firms, which is PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP. 
Hingorani believes the former Miss ASU is a role model for other ASU students. 
"My goodness, Ms. Robinson has accomplished so much in every aspect of being both an undergraduate and graduate student all within a scant four-years time period, and that includes also recently serving as the titular royal-student since she served as the former Miss Alabama State University, and because she has been an honor student due to her array of outstanding grades she earned in both her undergraduate B.S. and MBA degrees. I cannot imagine how a student can do better than what she has obtained. In my opinion, she is the standout student at this year's Fall Commencement Ceremony," stated Hingorani.
Robinson said selecting ASU, after graduating from high school in her native Birmingham, was one of the wisest decisions that she has ever made.
"Attending Alabama State feels like a huge blessing from God to me," Robinson said. "Many people have asked me how I have obtained both my B.S. for my undergrad degree and my MBA all within about a four-year span of time, and it is because Dean Hingorani and COBA faculty members allowed me to take extra classes each semester, almost doubling-up my curriculum. It was difficult and time consuming, but I maintained a good GPA and the result is obtaining both degrees in such a short period of time."
Robinson stated that serving as the 83rd Miss Alabama State University allowed her to represent the University before many high school and other students that she met in her travels as the former top royal student. She hopes her efforts helped many of those students choose to attend what is now her alma mater.
"I feel that having been Miss ASU allowed me to be an ambassador for all that is good and great about the University, and allowed me to serve the school in a great capacity by setting a good example for high school students and others to attend here and for current students to continue their studies, graduate and hopefully do so with good grades," Robinson said by phone. "Sure, I enjoyed the pageantry of being in the Royal Court, but I most appreciated encouraging my peers to excel academically and imparting upon them my purpose and passion to create a better school for our graduates who many will one day be the leaders of the future. I enjoyed being a pioneer pipeline of not only sharing with them how wonderful our ASU is to attend, and how history has been made here since its creation in 1867 by nine freed men and how our female faculty members helped create the modern civil rights movement in the basement of Councill Hall by organizing the Montgomery Bus Boycott just a few hours after Rosa Parks’ arrest, but (also) how important it is for members of my community to attend an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) where they can learn more about their heritage and make important connections within it."
Robinson believes that ASU is replete with outstanding faculty, staff and administrators who encourage students and help them become successful. 
"My personal development as an academic and as a social leader here has been assisted by many incredible ASU employees who are too many to name them all; yet, I must say that the standouts who most contributed to my success here include Dean Hingorani, who acted as a career and academic advisor and friend; Dr. Sara Kiser, my MBA advisor who is a management expert and Instructor who helped lift me up; Candace Davis, who as my Miss ASU advisor, helped me remain both regal and friendly; and COBA instructor, Kim Smith, who was among my first COBA teachers and who sharply honed my business skills, emotional intelligence, professionalism and imparted to me the basics of how to climb the corporate ladder."
Robinson is also extremely grateful for the love and support of her family in Birmingham.
"I am most thankful to my mother and father, Richard and Brunetta Robinson, who have always encouraged me, loved me, gave me important insights into life and cherished my journey along life's pathways. Without them, none of this would have been possible."
The former Miss ASU shared that she will miss the joy and intellectual challenges of being an ASU student, but said she is excited by what life and her career have in store for her.
"I will always remain an ambassador and advocate for Alabama State University and for HBCUs in general; yet, I am so thrilled and excited at working now at a Fortune 500 company and the prospects of advancing up the corporate ladder of it or one of the others in the nation's top-four accounting firms," Robinson said. "ASU has been a huge part of my life to date—staying on the Dean's List, wearing the Miss ASU crown and having one of the best Royal Courts ever—yet it is time to continue growing and advancing in the world and continuing the success in my life beyond the University."
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