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Recent ASU Communications Graduate Lands Job with San Antonio Spurs
By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU
A new alumnus of Alabama State University's department of Communications has landed a position with the San Antonio Spurs (Spurs), just one month after graduating.
Renil Pulley, who graduated in May from Alabama State University with a bachelor's degree in Communications/Radio and Television, will work in the professional basketball team’s brand production department. The Spurs compete in the NBA’s Western Conference Southwest Division. The team plays its home games at the AT&T Center in San Antonio.
"I am very excited about being employed with the Spurs, especially as my very first professional employment out of school," said Pulley. "I really enjoy my position and all the people that I work with and for here in Texas. I am presently working on creating video content for our jumbotron here at the Spur's AT&T Center. This is just what I always dreamed of wanting to do in life. The Spurs are great."
The Mitford, Conn., native explained that the valuable experience he gained as a student at Alabama State University helps him daily in his position with the Spurs. He gives special credit to the education and expertise he gained while studying in ASU's Communications Department, where he says he learned how to excel in production.
The chairman of ASU's Communications Department, Dr. W. Russell Robinson, shared that he is not surprised at Pulley's quick ascent to a top production position after graduation.
"This is an exciting announcement, and it speaks volumes of Mr. Pulley and how well he excels in communications and production; and it also adds value to our department and the faculty and staff that work diligently with our students to make sure they obtain the educational foundation and the practical job-related experience to do well in their careers," Robinson said. "We will certainly laud Mr. Pulley's achievement in our effort to recruit students to attend Alabama State University and to obtain a degree in its Communication's Department. We want prospective students to see that we have graduates doing great things due both to their work and to our department's faculty excellence."
One of the faculty members who worked closely with the Spurs new employee, Dr. Carlos Morrison, believes Pulley's employment will serve as an example to many current Communication's students at the University. 
"Mr. Pulley is a real creative go-getter, a hard working Hornet and a persistent seeker of knowledge. His positive attitude and work ethic have landed him a great job," Morrison stated. “This is an inspiration to our department's majors and to the high school and transfer students we work with to recruit to come study with us at ASU. Mr. Pulley is now a role model and his status bolsters not only his career, but it also does the same for Alabama State." 
Pulley explains that attending ASU, having consistent study habits, and being taught by talented professors who care about their students helped him do well while in college and led to his being hired by the Spurs. 
"ASU gave me the creativity to grow my skills in video production and develop my craft by creating videos that stand out for the fans," Pulley commented. "Through the opportunities that attending the University has provided me, I have been able to develop my talents and interests, and I feel well-prepared to tackle whatever challenges come my way. I am grateful for the education and experiences that I have had at Alabama State University, and I know that they will serve me well in the years to come."
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