Sony Music Entertainment in NYC Taps ASU Junior with Top Internship

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By Kenneth Mullinax

Sony Music Entertainment in New York City (through its Sony Music U Program 2019 Fall Cohort) has selected the first-ever Alabama State University student to receive a Sony internship.

ASU junior Phillip Gandy II said that he was overjoyed to learn that he landed a job at Sony Music into the Sony Music U Internship Program.

“It’s tapping into these kinds of networks that makes opportunities like this come to fruition,” Gandy said.

An executive with the program, Yasmin Salina, said that it is an extremely competitive internship program, and that it speaks highly of Alabama State University and Gandy to be selected to participate in it. 

“Phillip Gandy is immensely talented and we are humbled to have played a part in his journey into this amazing opportunity,” Salina said.

Recognizing the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the innovation space, Sony Music U and the Hustlers Guild joined forces in Spring 2019 to expand the pipeline for HBCU students to have innovative careers. Through strategic outreach to students at HBCUs, this initiative allows current and recent college students to learn about exciting opportunities and receive support to attain them.