Senior Hired by Bulls!

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ASU senior, Cullen Davis (contributed). 

Chicago Bulls Hire ASU Senior - Already at Work -- in its Communications Office 

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU 

Alabama State University senior, Cullen Davis, is living his dream.

Davis has not even walked across the stage to receive his degree, yet he has already been hired to a full-time position by the NBA’s Chicago Bulls (Bulls). Davis started work on June 5 as a basketball communications coordinator for the Bulls. 

"My position with the Bulls is my dream-come-true job and is something that I have been working hard to obtain for quite a time now," said Davis, who graduates from ASU in Communications/Journalism in Dec. 2023. "I have a great passion for sports and also have a skill for writing. I have coupled these two talents together in working to prepare me to one day be considered as an employee with a first-rate team, and God blessed me beyond my expectations when I obtained a communications job with the Bulls." 

As a student at the University, Davis studied journalism and worked as a writer for ASU's “Hornet Tribune.” At the same time, he also gained experience by taking advantage of internships and sought out mentors in the field who could advise him on what he needed to do to become an employee at one of the nation's top sports teams. 

"If I were to advise students at ASU on how to obtain whatever employment they most dreamed to do, it would be to study hard in school and obtain mentors who believe in you and have the professional knowledge to give you great career advice," Davis stated by phone, from his Chicago Bulls office. 


Davis's supervisor, Beth Esler, serves as the director of Basketball Communications with the Chicago Bulls. She explained what the ASU senior does in his new job.  

"Cullen operates as a basketball communications coordinator on my team and is responsible for curating daily news clips regarding the Chicago Bulls that are sent out to the Bull's front office," Esler stated in an email. "Cullen also handles post and pre-game notes that include statistics, game recaps and takeaways from each game. He is also responsible for transcribing interviews from the Bulls general manager and our executive vice president of Basketball Operations." 

Esler shared that she both supports and is an advocate for Davis who, she explains, worked on the Bulls’ recent projects related to the 2023 NBA Draft, the 2023 NBA2K24 Summer League and preparations for the upcoming season. 


The chairman of ASU's Department of Communications, Dr. W. Russell Robinson, said he is one of Cullen's biggest fans. 

"We are excited for Cullen and this new-found opportunity. He is entrepreneurial and he represents what I believe is the right mixture of academic excellence and day-one market readiness," Robinson shared. "Alabama State's Communications Department is spreading the ASU brand in a positive way with Cullen's recent hiring, as well as with other students doing internships this summer with such important sports teams as the Charlotte Hornets, the San Antonio Spurs and others." 


Davis let out a loud "Go Hornets" and "Go Bulls" as he finished his interview. 

"I shared a cheer just now for both ASU and the Bulls because Alabama State University helped me get to where I am now because of its wonderful academics and caring advisors and curriculum; and for the Bulls because of its great team and how Beth Esler and Patrick Sandusky are inspiring and motivating me to be the best communications person possible," Davis said. "They have made me feel welcomed and are helping me stretch my communication ability and skill set to a razor-sharp hone, which is good for both me and the Bull's organization." 

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