​​Scholarship Helps Student at ASU Realize Dreams

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Kamaria Shell

By Hazel Scott/ASU

Alabama State University graduate student Kamaria Shell has a dream. After graduating this spring, she hopes to attend law school. That dream is closer than ever, she says, thanks to a $2,500 award from the 2021-2022 Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) | Sallie Mae Fund Completing the  Dream Gap Scholarship.

“With this money, I’m given the opportunity to only focus on my studies, completing my graduation requirements and my future endeavors, which include law school.  I’m so thankful to alleviate some of the stress of trying to clear my balance. None of this would be possible without TMCF.  Thank you, Sallie Mae Fund Completing the Dream Gap Scholarship.”

Shell, an English major with a minor in legal studies, says her degree work at ASU has also helped her realize her dreams.

“ASU has taught me to be focused, independent, respectful and to pursue my dreams. It has taught me to be accepting of ideas and input from my colleagues and it has given me a platform to excel in many things. I love my ASU!”  Shell said.

Shawn Lampley, assistant director of Student Affairs/ Financial Aid, says she encouraged Shell to apply for the gap scholarship.

“Kamaria was one of our student workers. I urged her to apply, even though I told her she may not get it. A month or so later, she told me that she got it. That was wonderful news,” Lampley said.  “I know this scholarship was important for her.

Being truly honored that she was selected as the gap scholarship recipient, the Greater Hartford, Connecticut native believes “that when you have a dream of accomplishing something you can make it happen if you really put in the effort.”

About the Scholarship

The (TMCF) | Sallie Mae Fund Completing the Dream Gap Scholarship offers financial assistance to outstanding students at any accredited two or four-year institution. The scholarships were awarded to 260 scholars who were able to receive a one-year scholarship for up to $2,500, which can only be applied to verifiable costs associated with average tuition and usual fees.