Robotic Contest Saturday-High Schools Vying for Glory

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robotics Best MGM two girls robot 2022.jpg
Robotic teams in 2021 preparing to compete (photo credit: David Campbell/ASU).
ASU Hosts Robotics Competition for Black Belt & River Region High Schools and Middle Schools is This Saturday In-person at ASU Acadome
- Purpose to boost STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) studies and skills.

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU

Montgomery and Central Alabama’s best and brightest public and private, middle and high school students, come together Saturday (Nov. 5) as Alabama State University hosts the in-person final competitive event for the area’s yearly “MGM B.E.S.T. HUB Robotics Competition.” B.E.S.T. is an acronym for Boosting Engineering, Science & Technology).

The 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. event, which takes place at ASU’s Dunn-Oliver Acadome, is composed of several Black Belt, River Region and local schools. 

"Each year, the national B.E.S.T. Robotics organization designs a new game for the students to use in their competition that is centered on a real-world problem. This year’s event requires each school's student-team to build a robot that will compete in the contest this Saturday," said Dr. Seth Kermausuo, an associate professor in ASU's department of Mathematics, who also serves as the media director of the B.E.S.T. Robotics Competition. "We hope that the creation of a robot made by the student-team will excite them to showcase their best talent and STEM knowledge in this Saturday's event. The title for this year's game/competition is ‘Made-2-Order.’" 

The University has hosted this annual event since its debut in 2019. The event's leadership and sponsors includes the U.S. Department of Defense, Education Foundation Montgomery AFCEA Chapter, Honda Corporation, Obsidian Global and Alabama State University.


The competition serves as the local hub for middle and high school students in Montgomery, the Black Belt and the River Region. It is part of a national program with local competition sites located in several states. The competition provides students with a real-world problem, challenging them to develop a robotic solution, which helps stimulate and enhance their use of science and engineering skills.



1. Hayneville Middle School
2. Lowndes County Middle School
3. Billingsley High School
4. Eastwood/Cornerstone Schools
5. Pike Road High School
6. Tallassee High School
7. Saraland Middle School
8. Saraland High School
9. Lee High/ McKee Middle
10. Montgomery Academy
11. Wetumpka High School



Kermausuo said that the event's guidelines allow any school to participate regardless of its socioeconomic status, size or location. Public, private and homeschool groups are welcome to participate.

“The students are the primary participants and benefactors in the competition and perform all of the work. Engineers and other adult technical and educational professionals from local entities are allowed to serve only as team advisors and mentors,” Kermausuo said.

The event is designed to help foster an interest in engineering education and careers in middle and high school students. There is no costs or fees charged to participate.



"ASU is proud to be at the forefront of encouraging local students to have an interest and becoming involved in boosting engineering, science and technology-related projects, studies and careers. The University takes pride in its own high caliber of STEM studies and degrees offered and in the output and success of its own students who graduate and become leaders in various STEM professions," Kermausuo added.

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