​​Professor's Article Featured in Prestigious Journal

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cody thompson
By Hazel Scott/ASU
Alabama State University PT professor Cody Thompson was thrilled when he received news that his article, “Rehabilitation Considerations for Post-Surgical Patients during the Covid-19 Crisis,” would be featured in the “Annals of International Occupational Therapy,” a prestigious quarterly peer-reviewed journal that includes original articles that focus on research as related to the clinical practice of occupational therapy worldwide.
"I'm honored that my article was selected. Anytime we can share findings with fellow faculty, clinicians and the public that may enlighten them regarding health care and their personal pursuit of health and well-being, it is a blessing to have the chance to help,” Thompson states. 
The main takeaway from his article is that the number of skilled physical therapy professionals in practice during the COVID-19 crisis has dropped significantly, while the number of people choosing elective surgeries is increasing, which creates an imbalance in those needing rehabilitative care and the availability of professionals to provide this skilled care. 
“My hope is that there will be an increased awareness from two different directions. First, I hope that those who employ PT and PTA professionals see that the need is increasing, so they can expedite the hiring process of these individuals. Second, I hope the public would have a chance to see how understaffed rehab departments are at the moment and how it might affect their quality of care when deciding whether or not to have an elective surgery that would require rehabilitation,” Thompson said.
Thompson is working on two new research topics:  The importance of positive faculty behaviors in healthcare classrooms as modeling for future faculty, and an in-depth study on the health behaviors and well-being of church pastors and their spouses, and the development of an intervention model to address the deficits.
Thompson, an ASU alumnus (2013), has been a physical therapist for almost 16 years. He is in his second year as an ASU professor.