Professor Gets Award for Digital Enablement

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ASU's Dr. Howard Lundy, Jr.

ASU Professor Gets Digital Enablement Award by PricewaterhouseCoopers 

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU

An Alabama State University faculty member has won an award for the second year in a row from the nationally renowned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) company.

Dr. Harold Lundy, Jr., has been awarded a PwC 2021 Digital Enablement Award Program's grant of $15,000. Lundy, an assistant professor of Management in ASU's Dr. Percy J. Vaughn, Jr. College of Business Administration (COBA), will use the funds to increase access to digital skill development for both faculty and students.

"The ASU College of Business strives to keep students up to date with the latest skills and technologies that are in demand in today's job market," Lundy said.

This award follows in the success of the $75,000 grant Lundy received from the Thurgood Marshall College Fund in 2019 and a $10,000 award from PwC in 2020.

According to information submitted by PwC, these funds must be focused on activities that will have a lasting impact on a broad audience at ASU.

"There’s an increasing need for greater investment in technology by higher education institutions," said Lundy. "There is a current ongoing arms race by institutions to furnish students with the most up to date technology and also train students to use these technologies. The PwC Digital Enablement Program for HBCUs was established to aid HBCUs with funds to initiate digital skills development for faculty and students and to provide a source of funding for new technology equipment. The activities funded by the 2021 PwC grant will make our students more competitive in the job market and more valuable in the workplace."  


COBA's dean, Dr. Kamal Hingorani, believes the award will help with preparing ASU graduates to be more competitive in the job market.

"The business community wants graduates who have the digital skills of data and analytics," Hingorani said. "This will help COBA introduce and train its students to be more proficient in this area."

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