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CNN Highlights ASU's President Ross on HBCUs & the Coronavirus Pandemic!

- ASU's President Ross leads the CNN worldwide news story by anchor Laura Jarrett & others.

-  Watch Dr. Ross on CNN by clicking on the video link below. 

- By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU.

The President of Alabama State University, Dr. Quinton T. Ross Jr., was featured on May 18, in a worldwide CNN news segment, focusing on the economic impact and other effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the nation’s Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCUs). Ross has been in demand to speak on this topic, having just appeared as one of the news sources in a nationwide Associated Press (AP) news story that was published on May 16, which was seen in various newspapers, websites, television and radio news across the U.S. 


Ross, the 15th President of ASU, said to CNN's viewers, that "what happened during this pandemic exposed the inequality that has always been known." 

He shared the fact that Alabama State University and America's HBCUs have been a shelter for many students who want a quality four-year college education, but more federal support is needed if these schools are to survive the COVID-19 storm and the new technology methods needed to ensure cutting-edge day-to-day education. 

President Ross said that some HBCUs needed more substantial technological infrastructure to transition to online and other alternative learning methods to ensure the continuity of education for entire student bodies; many of whom were returning to homes without connectivity or computers.

"We had to rush to try to provide and undergird ourselves with technology, and many of the infrastructures were not prepared," he said.

Ross has said that federal emphasis on access to technology is not just an HBCU issue, “it is a nationwide issue that must be addressed.”

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