Pitch Competition Open to ASU Students

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Alabama State University students are invited to enter the Pitch Competition sponsored by the Provost’s office. For detailed information, please see below.


Montgomery County 15th Judicial Circuit Court has been tasked with enhancing the current Specialty Treatment Courts. Specialty Treatment Courts are used to process and divert offenders into rehabilitative programs and alternative options for corrections.  The Montgomery County Specialty Treatment Courts are the Adult Drug Court, Mental Health Court, and Veterans Court.

Currently the Montgomery County 15th Judicial Circuit Court services approximately 25-30 offenders through the Specialty Treatment Courts.  The population of citizens that could benefit from the services of the Specialty Treatment Courts is nearly 30 times the number of current participants.  We would like to increase the number of clients served by 50 %.  While the benefits of the programs offered are numerous, many Montgomery County citizens are unaware of the Specialty Treatment Courts. Our objective is to increase the number of persons served significantly while simultaneously increasing the awareness of our Specialty Courts.

The Challenge

The Montgomery County 15th Judicial Circuit Court has tasked you with a challenge.  Design and present a professional marketing plan for the Specialty Treatment Courts. A marketing plan is a document that lays out the marketing efforts of a business. It outlines the marketing strategy, promotional, and advertising activities. The marketing plan must be cohesive and comprehensive. 


A complete marketing plan that will address the Challenge. The marketing plan must include the following items:

  1. Logo & Graphics
  2. Marketing Materials
  3. Social Media/Web Presence
  4. Branding Campaign

The marketing materials should include information about the mission and services of the Montgomery County Specialty Courts. 

Teams should be comprised of three (3) – four (4) members. All participants must be currently enrolled Alabama State University students.

Competing teams will be given ten (10) days to prepare for the pitch competition.  Written and oral (virtual) presentations are required. You will have 15-25 minutes to pitch your plan and present your technology deliverables.  This should be a virtual recorded pitch that should be a part of your submission.  The deadline for submission is Thursday, April 22, 2021 before 5 p.m. The submission should be e-mailed to khingorani@alasu.edu and azeigler@alasu.edu.

Proposals will be judged based upon creativity, comprehensiveness of the proposed solution, quality of the written and oral presentation, and the propensity for the solution to benefit the Montgomery community.


Prizes will be awarded to the first- and second-place teams.