Open Records Request

Alabama Open Records Act (ORA) Requests

Alabama State University complies with the laws of the State of Alabama, including granting citizens (including news media) the right to obtain copies of certain public writings in accordance with Alabama Code §36-12-40, et. seq. Alabama State University has adopted guidelines and a form for individuals and news media requesting public records from the University.


Requestors should complete and submit the records request form that can be found here.  The request will not be reviewed without the submission of a completed form.

Please note: The fulfillment of public records requests is contingent upon the resources that are available to fulfill such requests without interfering with the daily job duties of University personnel. The time and costs to fulfill such requests may vary greatly. Also note that the ORA does not require the University to answer questions or provide official comments. Such requests will not be viewed as ORA requests.

Exemptions: State law provides that some information may be exempted from reproduction including, but not limited to, registration and circulation records and information concerning the use of university libraries; records concerning security plans, procedures, assessments, measures, or systems, and any other records relating to, or having an impact upon, the security or safety of persons, structures, facilities, or other infrastructures, including information concerning critical infrastructures and critical energy infrastructures the public disclosure of which may reasonably be expected to be detrimental to the public safety or welfare; records that the disclosure of which would otherwise be detrimental to the best interests of the public; or, records protected from disclosure by other state and federal laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA) law.

Costs: The cost for standard reproductions of documents is $1.00 per page. An administrative fee that covers research, preparation and/or recovery costs will also be assessed for each request. The total cost may vary greatly depending on the type of request that is being made. The requestor will be provided with an estimated cost for reproduction and fees prior to the fulfillment of the request. Payment must be provided before documents will be made available. 

1. Duplications: Once your submission is received and reviewed, you will be notified of the estimated number of pages and the total duplication costs ($1.00 per page for standard duplications).

2. Fees: You will be notified of the administration fees associated with the request. Fees cover research, preparation and recovery costs. Note: Fees may vary greatly depending on the nature of your request.

3. Total Cost: You will be notified of the total cost for fulfilling your request.

4. Payment: You must pay costs for duplications and fees in advance. Note: No work will be done to fulfill your request until the payment is received.  

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