Nov. Commencement Ceremonies in-person for Fall & Spring 2020 Classes at ASU Stadium!

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ASU Holds Fall and Spring 2020 in-person Commencement Ceremonies in November at ASU Stadium!  

- ASU Class of Fall 2020 Commencement on Nov. 20 and 21 and ASU Class of Spring 2020 on Nov. 22.

- Golden Class of 1970 also on Nov. 22.

- All events are ticketed.

- Ceremonies will be held in the ASU Stadium and are Mask Mandatory! 

By: Kenneth Mullinax/ASU

Alabama State University is proud to announce that it will hold in-person Commencement Ceremonies for the Fall Class of 2020 and the Spring Class of 2020 in November in the ASU Stadium. Also during that period, the ASU Golden Class of 1970 will be honored. 

"Commencement is always an exciting time for the University as we celebrate our students’ notable achievements,” said Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr., President of ASU. “This year, we are doubly excited to be able to celebrate not only the Fall Class of 2020 with an in-person ceremony, but also the Spring Class of 2020 and the Golden Class of 1970 whose opportunity to walk across the commencement stage was delayed due to the onset of COVID-19.” 

The University is preparing to have strict safety protocols in place for each of the graduation ceremonies. Every event will be mask mandatory for all attendees and participants. No one will be allowed to enter without their masks. The University will provide specific details on safety protocols in subsequent messages regarding the ceremonies. 


Commencement ceremonies for the Fall Class of 2020 will be held on Nov. 20 and 21. 

"As previously noted in the ASU Reopening Guide, ALL classes will be conducted virtually for the remainder of the semester after November 20. This was done to ensure safety for all of our ASU constituents after the Thanksgiving Holidays. Similarly, the University will now host the Fall 2020 Commencement Convocation on both November 20 (Friday) and on November 21 (Saturday)," said ASU Provost, Dr. Carl Pettis. 

Pettis stated that the University will hold two commencement ceremonies on each day in the ASU Stadium to promote social distancing and each will be ticketed events. He said that additional details related to the Fall 2020 Commencement Convocations will be forthcoming by separate communications, and updates will also be posted on the “Commencement” page on the University's website ( as they are available. 

"Please know that Alabama State University is looking forward to celebrating the accomplishments of the Fall Class of 2020 with their invited, ticketed guests, at the ASU Stadium," Pettis stated. 


When the in-person commencement that was scheduled for May had to be canceled, President Ross made the commitment to ASU's Spring 2020 graduates and the Golden Class of 1970 that they would have the opportunity to return to campus for an in-person ceremony. 

"The University is proud to announce that we are keeping our commitment with ceremonies on Sunday, November 22, in the ASU Stadium. The Spring 2020 graduates and the Golden Class of 1970 will have their chance to walk across the stage with invited, ticketed members of their family or their friends in attendance to support them. This will truly be a memorable occasion,” said Ross.

Provost Pettis explained that the University will host two Commencement Convocations on November 22 in order to promote and comply with social distancing protocols. He also emphasized that only those guests who are wearing masks and who have University- authorized tickets will be allowed to enter the stadium.

"Any and all details related to the Commencement Convocations for the Spring Class of 2020 and the 1970 Golden Class will be forthcoming, and updates will also be posted on the “Commencement” page of the University's website as they are available," Pettis added.

"We look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of all of our graduates in November," he added.

News media contact: Kenneth Mullinax, 334-229-4104.