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New WVAS FM sports host Derik Williams (photo credit: David Campbell/ASU).

WVAS FM Launches Unique Live Sports Show with Emphasis on Local & HBCU Athletics

 By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU

An inaugural sports talk show with a new and unique style has been created and launched by Alabama State University's award-winning WVAS-FM radio station, "The Voice of Alabama State University.” Station manager, Candy Capel; explained that the 30-minute program, titled “Open Court with Derik Williams,” will air every Tuesday at 6 p.m. on the National Public Radio (NPR) - affiliated radio station. 

"The program will be hosted by Derik Williams, an award-winning news reporter for the station...and the show will feature a variety of coaches, current and former athletes, analysts, experts, and influencers who will offer their perspective on the show’s topics each week," Capel said. "In addition to its on-air presence, the show may be viewed ‘live’ on WVAS-FM’s Facebook page."


"This is not your father's old-timey sports show or format," Williams commented. "We will serve as a voice for African-American sports from the local high school level to ASU's many competitive teams and other HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and University's) teams, too. Our new show will not be for the faint-hearted -- we will tell it just like it is -- balanced and fair, but with no candy-coating."

Williams said that the show will also highlight Montgomery and River Region high school games and standout athletes.

"I have formatted WVAS's brand new sports show to be innovative and evocative, with compelling interviews and reports on young athletes --  standouts -- who play high school and college-level sports within our multi-county listening area and beyond, via the worldwide web, courtesy of Facebook and the station's internet stream ("


Host Williams, whose radio moniker is 'D-Will, The Coach,' believes his enthusiasm for the game will be infectious to WVAS's audience.

“I want to use my knowledge and passion for sports to give listeners a far different way to look at and think about this entire arena,” Williams stated. 

Capel explained that the show will also feature Druski Hall, a WVAS volunteer announcer, who will provide insights on all things HBCU/ASU sports. She shared that the program will include such live segments such as  “Ballers & Busters,” “HBCU Sports Review” and “Inside ASU Sports.


Capel believes the show takes that station back to its sports broadcasting roots.

"Back in the day when WVAS first came on the air, there were very few radio stations anywhere here that reported on African-American athletes and sporting contests on a consistent basis," Capel said. "Our new show is a reaffirmation of our commitment to highlighting athletics at ASU and in other African-American sports venues, which was the origin of our radio station." 


WVAS 90.7 FM is a member-supported public radio station licensed to, and located, on the campus of The Alabama State University, which is located in historic Montgomery, Ala. The station’s programming may be heard locally at 90.7FM. It may also be heard globally, via the worldwide web, courtesy of the station's internet stream at  Apps such as TuneIn Radio also provide access to the station’s signal.

More information about the new program and about underwriting opportunities is available by contacting the WVAS radio station at 334-229-4708, and asking for station manager, Candy Capel.

News media contact: Kenneth Mullinax, 334-229-4104.