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Miss Alabama State University Lands Competitive Post-Graduation Position with 'Big-Four' Accounting Firm 

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU 

Miss Alabama State University, Aleah Robinson, has been offered and has accepted employment that most students can only dream of receiving. For Robinson, her dream will be realized once she walks across the commencement stage in May of 2023 and receives her diploma from President Quinton T. Ross, Jr.  

Robinson will join the staff of one of the nation's "Big-Four" accounting firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and will start work in the company’s Birmingham office, shortly after her graduation.  

"I am overwhelmed at the honor of joining the staff of such an incredible multinational firm as PricewaterhouseCoopers upon my graduation from Alabama State University," said Robinson, who is an accounting major and serves as Miss Alabama State University. 


The dean of ASU's Dr. Percy J. Vaughn College of Business Administration (COBA), Dr. Kamal Hingorani, said it is gratifying to see such a dedicated student receive a prime position with one of the industry’s leading corporations. 

"I am incredibly pleased, but not surprised at all to learn of Ms. Robinson's job offer from PricewaterhouseCoopers," Dean Hingorani said by phone. "She is very, very, smart and a hardworking and dedicated scholar, as well as a kind individual who not only sets goals, but achieves them. She is among a cadre of very high-performing students that we have enrolled in COBA and she is doing so well that she will be taking graduate - level courses soon since she is so far advanced over the normal curriculum of studies."  


The Dean of COBA said one cannot overstate the importance of obtaining internships in advancing pre-graduation offers of employment regardless of the student's major. 

"Our student, Ms. Robinson, was an intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers and while working there, I am told she made a very good name for herself with her positive work ethic, ability to understand professional concepts, and of course the firm foundation she acquired from her classes here at Alabama State's COBA," stated Hingorani. "Internships are important to any student who wishes to obtain an offer of employment because they introduce the intern to the major players at the firm where they are working and if the student does well academically in school and has good people-skills at the workplace, then they are 'top-of-mind' with the full time employers who are in a position to hire candidates for employment. These interns, such as our Ms. Robinson, are naturally the first who are considered for full-time job offers upon their graduation. Aleah Robinson is just such a person and is deserving of such a prestigious job and did so well that she received her job offer almost a full year before her graduation."  


Robinson, a Birmingham native, who graduated from Ramsay International Baccalaureate High School, said a lot of the thanks she has for receiving a job from such an important company, has to do with her education at Alabama State University. 

"I am very thankful for the good course offerings and great instruction from a number of gifted faculty and staff members here at Alabama State," Robinson said. "I really have to thank Dean Hingorani who offered me some important academic advice and who convinced me to change my major from finance to accounting, which in hindsight has changed my life for the better. " 

Robinson was a high achiever as an intern and got a job offer ahead of many. 

"Normally at PwC, you must complete two different internships before an offer of employment may be forthcoming, but I was blessed to get offered a position just after my very first internship," Robinson explained. "ASU totally prepared me for this career and I am so grateful for attending school here. I’m thankful for Dean Hingorani advising me in such an important and wise manner, and grateful for the influence that my parents - Richard and Brunetta Robinson - have played in my life." 


PricewaterhouseCoopers is an international professional services brand of firms, operating as partnerships under the PwC brand. It is the second-largest professional services network in the world and is considered one of the Big Four accounting firms, along with Deloitte, EY and KPMG. 

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