A Message From President Ross

News Date

June 9, 2020

Greetings Hornet Nation:

Over the past few weeks, I have had discussions with the President of the Alabama State University Board of Trustees, Mr. Darrell Hudson, about events surrounding the murder of George Floyd, Greg Gunn (who attended ASU) and other black men and women across the country. The establishment of the Floyd/Gunn scholarship was one initiative that the University could undertake to show our support of the global outcry over these kinds of senseless deaths; however, we both felt that more needs to be done.

As a result, I have requested a review of the names on campus buildings for consideration of removal based on connections to or leadership of racist organizations, policies or political activity. The results of that review will be part of a presentation and recommendations that I will make to the ASU Board of Trustees.

We understand that the names have become a part of ASU history and may have sentimental significance for some of our alumni; but as leaders of the University that was at the heart of the modern Civil Rights Movement, we feel that we must be proactive in our response to the pervasive and public displays of racism in this country.

As always, we encourage you to Stay Aware, Stay Safe, and Stay Hornet Strong!

With Hornet Pride,

President Quinton T. Ross, Jr.