Communications - Recording Industry

CRI 496.

RECORDING INDUSTRY INTERNSHIP (2). Practical experience for advanced students in a professional recording industry setting. This course may be repeated for additional credit.

CRI 497.

SENIOR SEMINAR IN RECORDING INDUSTRY (3). Provides hands on experiences in research in the recording industry. Involvement in group projects to provide music and/or consumer research services to various clients in the industry. Class is workshop oriented. Prerequisites: All CRI courses or permission of professor.


CRI 350.

ARTIST REPRESENTATION (3).  Examination of the roles of recording artist’s representatives.  Topics include personal management, business management and entertainment attorney’s roles in representation of artist. Prerequisites: ACT 214, ACT 215, CRI 341.

CRI 450.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN RECORDING INDUSTRY (3). Emphasis on decision making for starting a recording business. Special emphasis on accounting methods royalty statements balance and income sheets, cash  flow,  operational and  regulatory taxes, break  even analysis, financing, project (financial/acquisition/forecast/ touring), and creation of a business plan.

CRI 396.

TALENT AGENCY AND CONCERT PROMOTION (3). An in- depth study of the theoretical and practical aspects of presenting contemporary arts and entertainment performances.  Topics include talent    acquisition, contracts and riders, production, venues, budgeting, ticket services and promotion. Prerequisite: CRI 341.

CRI 390.


RECORDING INDUSTRY PRACTICUM (1). Designed to give students an opportunity to develop skills and network with professionals in the recording industry. Prerequisites: Senior standing and Permission of the Professor.

CRI 380.

COPYRIGHT LAW (3). Examination of copyright law with particular reference to the music industry. Emphasis on understanding and applying the law to work in the industry. Prerequisite: CRI 341, ACT 214, ACT 215, CRI 370.

CRI 370.

LEGAL ASPECTS OF THE RECORDING INDUSTRY (3). An overview of legal problems encountered in the recording industry with specific attention to contractual considerations in recording and producing. Prerequisite: CRI 341, ACT 214, ACT 215.

CRI 361.

PUBLIC RELATIONS IN THE RECORDING INDUSTRY (3). Experiencing in creating publicity materials and developing media relations press releases press kits and publicity campaigns. Prerequisite: CRI 341.

CRI 360

MARKETING AND BRANCH SALES IN THE RECORDING INDUSTRY (3). Special emphasis on the particular structures and problems involved in the movement of recordings from manufacturer to the buying public. Topics include product marketing, promotion and distribution. Prerequisite: CRI 341.