Little Miss ASU Crowned with Little Miss Hornet

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Pageant Names Little Miss ASU and Little Miss Hornet

- A community wide program sponsored by Miss Alabama State University and her Royal Court 

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU 

Miss Alabama State University and her Royal Court recently sponsored two community wide programs that allowed the area's young ladies to learn just what it feels like to be treated like princesses. The event was open to girls between the ages of 4-12, whose “royal treatment” was complete with crowns, sashes and the royal hand-wave. 

The first program called “Princess in Training Camp” was held on June 25 and drew 132 participants. The second event was a regal pageant, which culminated with the crowning of both a “Little Miss Alabama State University” and a “Little Miss Hornet.” 

"The young ladies who were honored and crowned on Aug. 6 were Little Miss Alabama State University Kelsie Raye Wilson and Little Miss Hornet Makensly Ford," explained Miss Alabama State University, Aleah Robinson. 

"The Royal Court and I hosted the training camp and pageant to help empower the young ladies of Montgomery and the surrounding communities to have greater self-esteem and to feel better about themselves," Robinson said. "Part of my platform for Miss ASU, actually my main theme, was titled 'Unity through Leadership and Service' and it was this platform that inspired me to host the Princess in Training Camp and the Little Miss ASU and Hornet pageant." 


The staff advisor for Miss ASU and her Royal Court is Candace Davis - executive assistant to the University's Chief of Staff Dr. Kevin Rolle. Davis was the behind-the-scenes person who helped make Miss ASU's concept and dream a reality. 

"It was wonderful working with Miss ASU in making both these events come off in a way that fulfilled her vision and made the dreams of these darling little ladies come true, all while putting forth a great 'face' for Alabama State University, which also aids the future effort of our Admissions and Recruitment Office," Davis said. "The major accomplishment that I took away from both events was that Miss ASU showed the younger girls how to be self-confident and that they may accomplish whatever they desire to do just as long as they believe in themselves."   


Robinson explained that holding both events meant as much to her as it did for the girls who participated in them. 

"Making these little girls happy and making them feel a greater sense of self-worth and dignity makes me feel that my purpose in being Miss ASU is truly fulfilled because I helped to make others fulfilled and happy. It is all about love and dignity," Miss ASU stated. 

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