Hornet Access Book Bundle is a textbook savings program designed to ensure students have their required materials the first day of class at a highly competitive rate. Hornet Access Book Bundle provides the required digital course materials when instructors are using interactive courseware platforms or digital books instead of printed textbooks. This allows us to reduce the student cost in comparison to traditional printed textbooks. 

The cost of printed textbooks has increased tremendously over the last few years. As new textbook sales decline, used and rental textbooks (which are often the more affordable options), are becoming harder to obtain. As a result, students are sacrificing academic success by not purchasing course materials at all.

How it Works



Upon registering for courses, you will be automatically enrolled into the program and the bookstore will start preparing your order. A charge of $26.95 per credit hour will be applied to your ASU student account along with your tuition.



Approximately 30 days before the first day of classes, you will receive an email that summarizes your required and recommended course materials and prompts you to select your fulfillment preference (options may include pick-up on campus, shipping to an off-campus address, and direct digital access in Canvas).



An email notification will be sent when your order is ready for pickup or when it ships. Your digital materials will be accessible in your course(s) within Canvas.


Hornet Access Process

Hornet Access Process

How hornet access works.

Faculty Communication

Faculty Communication

All Faculty Members.

Student Process

Student Process

All Alabama State University Students.

The Benefits

The Hornet Access Book Bundle program gives you convenient access to all of your course materials.

  • Students will ALWAYS pay less than the cost of the traditional printed materials sold in the Bookstore. The savings can add up to 35-50%.
  • Students are more successful in courses that use Hornet Access because they are being prepared on the first day of class and increased interaction with course content.
  • Hornet Access allows the Bookstore to negotiate pricing with publishers to get students great discounts. 
  • Students have until the end of drop/add period to use the materials. During this time, they can choose to opt-out and not be billed for the materials (thus losing their access). 
  • Students benefit from highly personalized service from our on-campus bookstore staff.
  • Students will be able to plan ahead with more ease and less stress because you know the cost of your course materials for every term based on the number of credits you register for.
  • Students will save time – we negotiated the low rate of $26.95 per credit for you so that you don’t have to shop around for low price
  • There is no waiting in line at the bookstore. No waiting for materials to come in the mail. Course materials are automatically available digitally on the first day of class.
Hornet Access FAQ

Why is Alabama State University doing Hornet Access Book Bundle?

The Hornet Access Book Bundle is a new university-wide initiative that targets textbook affordability and student success. This innovative program is expected to save students 30% to 50% on the rental of required course materials in undergraduate courses. It will also create equitable access to materials for all students, ensuring availability by the first day of class.

What is Hornet Access?

The Hornet Access Book Bundle program is a digital textbook model in collaboration with top publishers to reduce the cost of required course materials. The Alabama State University Store has ensured that all Hornet Access Book Bundle materials will have the lowest cost to the student possible – even lower than buying the material directly from the publisher. Hornet Access for all students begins the first day of class, with the option to opt-out of purchasing through the drop/add period. Each course utilizing Hornet Access Book Bundle materials has received approval to digitally deliver required course materials to students from the instructor of that course or the course coordinator.

How do I get my required course materials through the Hornet Access Program?

Your required digital course materials are delivered through Folio. Access begins the first day of class. Go to Hornets Web, Login, select Canvas, and select your course. Your instructor will have a link posted for you to access your Hornet Access material. Not Seeing Your Course in Canvas? If you don't see a class in Canvas and the semester has not yet started, your instructor has likely not activated your course yet. Your Hornet Access material will not be available until the first day of classes even if the course is active in Canvas. If you are concerned about access, please email your instructor.

How does this benefit students?

Hornet Access Book Bundle provides all students with equitable access to course materials on or before the first day of class, which will ultimately improve their academic success. Additionally, by participating in the Hornet Access Book Bundle, students will save time and money each term.

How much does Hornet Access cost? Are prices negotiated or is it set to $26.95 per credit hour for each Hornet Access course in which the student is enrolled?

Prices are negotiated and vary depending upon the course materials chosen by the instructor but are contracted to be lower than competitive market rates. The Alabama State University Store has ensured that all materials delivered through Hornet Access will have the lowest cost to the student possible. To view the cost of your Hornet Access material, you can view your Course Book List found in Hornets Web or view your Student Billing Account as early as the first day of the month that the semester in question begins.

How do I pay for my access?

Once you have registered for a Hornet Access course, you will automatically be charged for the material on your Student Billing Account. This charge will become available on the first day of the month that the semester begins. If you register for any Hornet Access classes during the drop/add period, the charge will become available sometime that day, but not immediately. All enrolled students who have not opted-out of the program or dropped the course during the drop/add period will have the charge applied to their Student Billing Account. The cost of the required digital content for Hornet Access will appear on your Student Billing Account as a Bookstore Charge.

What does it mean to opt-out?

If you do not wish to purchase the required course materials through the Hornet Access program at the contractually discounted rate, you have until the last day of the drop/add period to opt-out. If you opt- out by the deadline, access to the online content will be turned off and the cost will be removed from your Student Billing Account found in Hornets Web. Charges are updated regularly throughout the day, but not immediately.

How do I opt-out?

To Opt-Out, log in to Folio, and there will be a prompt to Opt-Out of the delivery of the digital product. Select the correct option to opt-out and submit. If you opt-out, you will be responsible for purchasing your own materials.

I dropped the course. Do I still need to opt-out?

Students who drop the course before the drop/add deadline will automatically be "opted-out". There are no refunds for students who drop after the drop/add deadline.

I did not opt-out, but I did not register my access or use the online platform. Will I have to pay?

Yes. All students who are enrolled in a course using Hornet Access are automatically considered part of the program as the digital access is a required component of the course. To avoid paying for the digital materials, you must opt-out through your Folio course home page before the drop/add deadline.

I forgot to opt-out and missed the deadline. Can I get a refund now?

Once the cost of the required course materials has been applied to your Student Billing Account and the drop/add period has passed, there are no refunds.

I opted out by mistake and realized that I still need my access. Can I opt back in?

Yes. To opt back in before the add/drop deadline, you will log in to Folio and select the prompt to opt back in after selecting the link to the material in Canvas. If you do not opt back in before the add/drop date, please visit the University Store Textbook Office for assistance.

What is the deadline for opting out?

You can opt out and opt back in for each session until three days following the add/drop deadline for the given session, per Alabama State University’s Academic Calendar

Will I receive physical or electronic copies of the required materials?

All course materials are provided in the format required by the instructor. If you would like a format other than that required by the instructor, you may purchase that alternative format from the bookstore directly at the regular price.

I have further questions that were not addressed. Who do I contact?

If your question wasn't answered in this FAQ,
For Hornet Access questions email the Textbook Office – alasu@bkstr.com
If you have general inquiries about the course itself, please contact your instructor directly.

Having a connection issue or trouble with the online content?

First, try clearing your cookies and cache and/or using a different browser.
After clearing your cookies and cache close your browser and open it back up.

How do I know if my course is a Hornet Access course?

After registering for classes, you can look up your booklist to see if one or more courses may be “Hornet Access courses. Note, however, that not all courses may be “Hornet Access,” so please look carefully.
1. Click "Login" under Hornets Web.

How will my personal information be used?

The data provided to the bookstore is only used to help us deliver all your course materials based upon your selected courses.

Can the bookstore sell my personal information to third parties?

No. We are committed to the safeguarding of all personal information.

What do I do if I have not received my course materials?

Your order cannot be processed until your course materials are verified. You will receive an email beginning 30 days prior to the first day of class to verify your course materials for each term. If you have already verified your order, call or email the bookstore – alasu@bkstr.com and give them your order number so they can check on the status of your order.

Who should I contact if I have a problem accessing materials?

Contact the technical support team of the publisher that provides your Hornet Access materials. If you continue to have problems, please email shenderson@alasu.edu a description of the issue and the support ticket number from the publisher.
McGraw-Hill: Student Support - McGraw Hill
Pearson: Student Support - Pearson
Cengage: Student Support - Cengage Learning
MacMillan (800-936-6899): Student Support - MacMillan