Hornet Hive Online Scholarship

In response to COVID-19 Pandemic, Alabama State University has created an online scholarship for out-of- state students to help with the cost of tuition during this time of uncertainty. Hornet Hive Online (HHO), are open to both new and returning students seeking their first bachelors degree. 

Qualifying Students:

  • Must be residents of states outside the state of Alabama
  • Must be enrolled full time for Summer Semester at ASU in online classes only.
  • Must have a minimum of 2.7 GPA
  • Must have a current FASFA financial aid form on file at ASU

This scholarship applies only to full-time, online out-of-state students who me the criteria above. the HHO Scholarship is a "special circumstances" scholarship that applies only to out-of-state tuition. Students who receive the HHO scholarship are still responsible for costs not covered under this award.

*The University reserves the right to change or amend the policy of this scholarship at any time.