Honda Campus All-Stars Reach Nationals

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Honda allstars sweet 16 with Provost Pettis april 2023.jpg
Honda All-Star Challenge team with ASU officials, Dr. Alcime (seated) and Provost Pettis (R).

ASU's Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Team Reach National Super 16 Level

 By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU 

Alabama State University's Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Team, competing at the national finals tournament this week in Torrance, California, advanced to the Super-16 Level. The accomplishment places the ASU team among the top Historically Black College or Universities (HBCUs) in the nation at the event, which showcases the best HBCU teams in a Jeopardy-like, fact-based, question-and-answer challenge. 

Representing the Hornet Nation were Jonathan Holland, Savannah Mendenhall, Vanell Tadjuidje, and Samantha Rodman. While Alabama State University's team advanced to the second-level of the Super-16 national playoff competition, it fell short in moving forward in the semi-quarter finals on April 17 after a close contest with Stillman College.  

Among ASU faculty members and leadership officials traveling with the team were Dr. Carl S. Pettis, provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, and Dr. Ivon Alcime, associate professor of Communications.

"For our team to have advanced to the upper-tier of this prestigious event is an example of our students’ continued pursuit of excellence," Pettis said. "Our team has worked hard and been dedicated in representing O’ Mother Dear very well. Their dedication and commitment to persevere when things became difficult was what truly showed me their great character."


Although ASU student team captain, Jonathan Holland, says while he and his teammates’ goal was the number-one spot in the competition, he feels that advancing to the Super-16 level exemplifies the value of his team's combined knowledge and grit.

"Our advancing to this level in the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge shows the hard work and dedication of the students involved, the knowledge they have obtained over the course of their prepping for both the contest and studying for their education at ASU, and the quality of the students attending the University," Holland said.


Team advisor, Dr. Alcime, explained that the students at the Honda event performed well because they worked hard. 

"Alabama State was able to showcase the knowledge of our students who literally studied for many hours of their time to become knowledgeable in multiple subject areas, as well as because of their resilience, tenacity, and teamwork. All of those things combined added to why they did so well in the tournament," Alcime said. "Positive national recognition like this will not only enhance our student's resumes but will also help with the recruitment of students for undergraduate and graduate programs. It also might help our team members with Honda representatives that they met, in terms of obtaining future employment and scholarships." 


Provost Pettis believes that the success of the University's team makes a positive impact for both students and the University. He also applauds all that Honda does in this event and others that are targeted to increase diversity and promote the educational and career success of African-American students. 

"The event shines a bright light on the talented scholars at ASU and other students who call our HBCUs their homes," stated Pettis. "ASU and other HBCU educational  institutions are a beacon of light for all students within our community and the students on ASU's Honda All-Star Challenge team are among some of our brightest stars."

Pettis said Honda is making an impact for HBCUs that is transformational, and the company’s commitment to this event – now in its 34th year — is a wonderful example of how to make a true investment in individuals and in our nation's economy.

"I am pleased to see ASU on a national stage which is giving the world an opportunity to see the greatness of our Hornet scholars," Pettis added.

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