Hardy Police Precinct

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Brian Aldridge, deputy chief of police at Alabama State University (photo credit: David Campbell/ASU).

ASU Public Safety to Open Police Precinct in Student Center 
By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU
The University's Department of Public Safety is opening a new "Police Precinct" in the John Garrick Hardy Student Center. The new police office or "precinct" will be on the first floor of the Student Center in the first office space to the left, as one enters the front door, explained Brian Aldridge, the deputy chief of police at Alabama State University.
"ASU's Department of Public Safety is placing a police precinct office in the Hardy Student Center to better serve the University's students and community; so police officers may be in closer proximity to ASU's community, but most importantly, to its students, many of whom would have to walk the block or so off campus to our headquarters on Carter Hill Road to file or pick-up reports or conduct other police business," Aldridge said. "A large number of students do not have access to vehicles, so now we will have several police staff and officers in the Student Center alongside the other major departments, which also offer aid and assistance to our students."
Aldridge shared that the new precinct will be open at the beginning of February.
"We, in Public Safety, feel that this new location will both increase student contact with us, and also make it easier for them to meet with us and to not have to be exposed to the cold, heat or bad weather to conduct business with us. For the Department of Public Safety, this is all about better serving ASU's students," stated Aldridge.
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