Harold Lloyd Murphy Graduate School General Policies

Students are admitted to graduate study for the specific purpose stated by The Harold Lloyd Murphy Graduate School at the time they are notified of their acceptance. A student who fulfills that purpose is required to submit an application, a $25 fee, and be accepted in order to pursue further study. For example, a student who has completed a master’s degree program must reapply for admission to (1) take additional courses without a degree objective, (2) pursue a second master’s degree, or (3) work toward an advanced degree.

Admission to The Murphy Graduate School is valid for one year. If a graduate student fails to com¬plete any graduate course, his/her acceptance lapses, thus resulting in the need to reapply. Stu¬dents in this situation also become subject to any new admission or program requirements that may have been adopted since the initial application was made.

Graduate students are governed by policies and procedures in effect at the time of their initial enrollment. Students who have to withdraw from the University and/or are absent for more than a year will have to reapply for admission. Upon readmission, such students become subject to the current regulations of the Murphy Graduate School and of the program to which they are admitted.

All graduate students are subject to the academic regulations of The Murphy Graduate School, the college, and/or department in which they are enrolled.

The Murphy Graduate School reserves the right to decline admission or to require the withdrawal of a student when such action is deemed to be in the interest of the University. Students not in good standing, academically or financially, will not be approved to attend another college or univer¬sity for transfer credit.

Admission to The Murphy Graduate School does not constitute acceptance as a degree candidate. Since degrees are awarded through academic departments and colleges and not through The Murphy Graduate School, students must be approved for continued study toward a degree by a department and college. (See Admission to Candidacy)

Doctoral programs at Alabama State University have specific and additional policies which may vary from policies presented throughout this bulletin.  Students should contact The Murphy Graduate School, the appropriate program director or the coordinator for information relating to these polices.

The Vision for Graduate Education

The Vision for graduate education is as follows:

Promoting a Synergistic Environment to Support a Transformational and World-Class Graduate Education at Alabama State University.

The Harold Lloyd Murphy Graduate School Mission

The fundamental mission of The Murphy Graduate School is to (1) provide leadership for the University’s doctorate, educational specialist, master’s and certificate level, post-baccalaureate degree programs; (2) serve as the campus-wide advocate for the advancement of graduate education; and (3) provide oversight for standards of excellence, fairness and equity in all graduate programs.

Purpose of the Bulletin

The Alabama State University Graduate Bulletin is the primary general information publication for the Murphy Graduate School.

It is intended to provide information for both prospective and continuing students in the pursuance of a graduate degree; additionally, it is a source of information for other individuals interested in graduate education at Alabama State University.