Geography Profs Win Awards!

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Sociological Awards ASU's Ram and Seela 2022.png

ASU's Dr. Ram Alagan (L) and Dr. Seela Aladuwaka (photo contributed).

ASU Faculty Members Win ‘Outstanding Achievement Awards’

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU

Two Alabama State University faculty members have been recognized with matching "Outstanding Achievement Awards" for their scholarly contributions to the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association (A-MSA) during its 51st annual conference this year.

ASU's Dr. Ram Alagan, a professor of Geography (and the interim-director of the University's W.E.B. Du Bois Honors Program) and Dr. Seela Aladuwaka, an associate professor of Geography at the University, both won the coveted scholarly accolades for their unique research on civil rights geography information systems (GIS) and the Black Belt Region in Alabama's social struggles.

The A-MSA shared in a statement that the professors’ research is one of their pioneering contributions to connecting 'GIS' applications to the civil rights discussion.

Both ASU professors have been associated with A-MSA since 2015 and are continuously contributing their services in different capacities to the scholarly organization, including serving as student mentors, research presenters, conference organizers and event planners.

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