ICBE Registration Form

ICBE Testing Procedures

PLEASE contact Cynthia Swain via email at cswain@alasu.edu  

The Testing Center is a Student Support Center; therefore, all students must adhere to the rules listed below.

Testing Center Procedures:

Credit in certain courses offered at Alabama State University may be earned by Institutional Credit by Examination.  On the basis of previous training or experience, any student who has reason to believe he or she can pass an examination in one or more of these courses may be permitted to register for such examination with the approval of the Dean and the assigned instructor in the particular departmental areas.

A student must have completed six (6) semester hours of traditional credit at ASU and have successful completion of a course within the last 12 months to have non-traditional credit applied to their record.
•    A minimum score of 80 is required to receive credit for the exam.

•    A student attempting credit-by-examination will be awarded a grade of “P”; except in the case of failure, no grade will be recorded.

•    An exam score or credit earned is not included in the computation of the grade point average (GPA).
For specific information, contact the Testing Center at (334) 229-4385 or via email at testing@alasu.edu
•    Registration must be completed prior to the start of Fall and Spring Semesters

•    To register for the ICBE, you may stop by the Testing Center Office located in McGehee 105, or by using the ASU website at www.alasu.edu

CBE is Credit-By-Exam.  A Credit-By-Exam (CBE) program allows you to earn college credit for what you already know.  Passing tests through a credit-by-exam program offers students the opportunity to earn college credit.  

Credit-by-Exam Courses offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences:

●  Spanish I        ●  French I
●  Spanish II        ●  French II

The Testing Center will proctor ICBE exams for Alabama State University students during the current semester.  
1.    The Testing Center staff will verify the students’ identification at the time of the exam and monitor test-takers closely.  Staff will not give a student an exam without a valid student or government photo ID, or scantron.  

2.    Cell phones, iPods, calculators, smartwatches, or backpacks not allowed in the Testing Room.

3.    We ask that students contact the Testing Center for an appointment at least one week in advance.

4.    Any student suspected of cheating will be removed from the test and your test will not be scored.                                                                                               

5.    If a student is unable to arrive on time, he/she must contact the Testing Center for rescheduling of time.

Student Information

1. Are you enrolled at Alabama State University?
3. Complete name (Last, First, Middle)
6. Street Address

Test Information
1. Select an ICBE Course
  Spanish I                    French I
  Spanish II                   French II

2. Select a date to take the ICBE (we will notify you if that date is no longer available): 

Testing Certification Statement
Read the following Certification Statement and then place a check in the box below to indicate that you understand it:
I understand that I am registering to take the ICBE at Alabama State University.  I certify to the best of my knowledge that all of the information on this form is correct.
I also understand that failure to report completely and accurately may result in my registration not being completed.