1. What is the Quality Enhancement Plan?

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a part of the SACSCOC accreditation process and is reviewed during the decennial visit.   There are five (5) criteria that must be a part of the plan in order to maintain compliance with SACSCOC: 

  1. a topic identified through ongoing, comprehensive and evaluation processes,
  2. has a broad-based support of institutional constituencies,
  3. focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student successes,
  4. commits resources to initiate and implement the QEP
  5. includes a plan to assess achievement.



2. What is the title of ASU’s QEP?

The title of ASU’s Quality Enhancement Plan is “A Journey to Success in the First Year Experience.”

3. How was the topic developed?

The Alabama State University’s QEP was developed using 4 topic selection phases:  Discovery, Dialogue, Design and Development. These phases included the establishment of subcommittees and included constituents from within and outside of the university to include faculty, staff, students, the Administration, the Board of Trustees, alumni, members from the community as well as an external review committee. 

4. What is the mission of the QEP?

The QEP will enhance the student success culture at Alabama State University by fostering an environment of learning and engagement for first-year students, by actively engaging in the college experience through academic and non-academic experiences and through nurturing professional relationships, students will develop their academic knowledge, professional skills, and career knowledge that will propel them towards academic persistence and professional success.  

The mission of ASU’s QEP directly aligns with the University’s Mission by “fostering critical thought and developing professional competence” for its students. Furthermore, the targeted QEP outcomes also align with the University’s strategic plan by providing students a “holistic educational experience” that ultimately enhances their overall educational involvement.

5. What are the goals and outcomes of the QEP?

Outcome 1:      Become holistically engaged in their college experience by participating in curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the first year (student learning and student success) 
Outcome 2:      Demonstrate enhanced reflective writing skills (student learning)
Outcome 3:      Utilize campus resources and supports (student learning and student success)
Outcome 4:      Increase their connection to ASU by identifying a career pathway and selecting a major by the end of their freshman year (student success)


6. What will the QEP impact?

The QEP will impact the academic skill development and student engagement for first year, full time students at Alabama State University. It seeks to improve student’s awareness and use of institutional resources, procedures, and services as well as its ease on the students’ transition to college and persistence to the next semester.

7. What is my role in the QEP?

Everyone at Alabama State is involved in the Quality Enhancement Plan. All faculty, staff and students should be aware of the topic and participate in activities related to the QEP. 

Faculty and staff should be supportive to our first time students, connect them to resources, and serve as an advocate for them when necessary.

Ensure that services are friendly, efficient, and student centered with responding to student needs and concerns.