Office of Facilities Management & Operations

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Office of Facilities Management and Operations is to provide cost effective and responsive service for the maintenance and operation of facilities, grounds, transportation and other related support functions that support the University’s commitment to global excellence in teaching, research and service.

Who Are We?
The Office of Facilities Management and Operations strives to provide and quality environment for students, faculty and staff can live, work, learn, and play.  Our dedicated staff of craftsmen and other professionals with diverse skillsets and a strong knowledge base allows the office to mitigate facility issues and concerns throughout the campus.  The Offices’ number one goal is doing what we can, when we can and how we can to enhance the student college experience as well as provide a comfortable working environment.

Vice President’s Message
On behalf of the Office of Facilities Management and Operations I want to thank the University community for allowing us to serve you.  Our staff is committed to putting in the time and effort needed to ensure a safe and secure environment where teaching and learning can happen seamlessly.  We are continually growing to a point wherein we can be more proactive rather than reactive to the facility issues on our campus.  

Through the strong support and guidance of our President, Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr., we have completed many deferred maintenance capital projects, as well as kept in tune with the many routine maintenance issues that are critical to the daily operations of the University.  We have outlined a sampling of projects completed since our arrival in June 2018.  As the university’s chief operations staffer, coupled with 20 years of school facilities management experience, I know the budgetary restraints schools and universities fight through having to fund operations, academics, and auxiliary. Therefore as your facilities manager, I understand the need to balance funding with operating environmentally safe, clean and healthy buildings. That is why we are proud to say that the list of completed projects made available to you total approximately $5,500,000.00.  

We understand the value of communication, knowing that better communication can mean less down time due to incidents in your facility.  That is why we are extremely proud of our implementation of the Asset Essentials Work Order System. This system not only provides real time feed back to the requester as to the status of their submitted work order, it also allows this office to track each order and place a quantitative value on such so that we can make data driven decisions on future projects and planning for the campus infrastructure.

We will continue to raise level of expectations within our department and we hope such will show with our daily performance.  On behalf of the Facilities Management and Operations staff, thank you for your trust and support.