Group Dental Care Plan


Alabama State University’s Group Dental Care Plan is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. The group plan # 89942-001. Below you will find information about costs and services related to the plan.

Group Dental Coverage   ASU Pays Employee’s Cost
Individual $18.00 $  0.00
Family $23.00 $37.00
*Spouse Plan $39.00 $21.00

*Spouse Plan: ASU pays $39.00/month, per full time employee and one employee pays $21.00/month.

 *COBRA: This plan allows an employee to continue medical and dental benefits beyond the point at which he/she would ordinarily lose it. It prevents one from incurring a break in coverage.

Preferred Dental Network 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama’s Dental Network is a statewide dental network. This managed care program is designed to promote quality and cost effective dental care. Currently more than 1,260 dentists, approximately 74% of the dentists in Alabama, have joined this program.

*COBRA Dental Employee’s Cost
Individual $18.40
Family $62.36

The Dental Network Offers the Following Advantages:

Network Dentists will file all claims and accept the Blue Cross payment as payment in full (after any deductible and coinsurance you owe).

Preferred Dentists have agreed to accept our fee schedule as payment in full for covered services (after deductible and coinsurance). The fee schedule offers average savings of approximately 20% off billed charges.

The categories of dental services covered, level of coverage for each category, and the deductible and maximum amounts will be the same for network and non-network dentists.

Payment for services provided by dentists outside the network in Alabama will also be made according to the Network Dentist fee schedule amount.

If you do not use a Network Dentist, Blue Cross will pay you the Network Dentist fee schedule amount for covered services received. You may be responsible for the difference between the Blue Cross payment and the dentist’s charge (plus any deductible and coinsurance). You may also have to file the claim if your dentist’s office will not.

The Managed Dental Network – another reason why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is the leader in managed care.

Application changes or additions requested after the initial 30 days of employment will not be approved by Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

This is not a contract. Benefits are subject to the terms, limitations and conditions of the group contract.