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ASU faculty members Dr. Ram Alagan (L) and Dr. Seela Aladuwaka (photo credit David Campbell/ASU).

Two ASU Faculty Members Edited Important International Scholarly Publication on COVID-19 

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU 

The University continues to leave its positive academic imprint internationally in the field of higher education as evidenced by two ASU faculty members having just completed the editing of an important international publication on the COVID-19 Pandemic. The book was published in London, England. 

Alabama State University's husband and wife academic team, Dr. Seela Aladuwaka and Dr. Ram Alagan, joined ranks with Professor Barbara Wejnert (University at Buffalo) to edit and publish their second international journal.  

"This book that was edited by Dr. Aladuwaka, myself and a professor in New York, is an international book on systemic inequality, sustainability and the COVID-19 Pandemic, which was just published this May in London," said Dr. Alagan. "This book is an excellent opportunity for ASU faculty, staff and students to know the work that the ASU community is contributing to the international academic database." 


The preface to the book states the following about its up-to-date research data on COVID-19. 

"The publication has timely research to comprehend the COVID-19 global pandemic and its human and environmental costs. The editors of volume 29 (ASU's Dr. Aladuwaka and Dr. Alagan) are interested in this collection of chapters on several aspects such as the unprecedented damage of the worldwide pandemic to such varied topics to include economics, human lives, politics, religion, education, sports, travel, and the environment. The COVID-19 crisis and the systemic inequality of health distribution underscore the necessity to comprehend the health disparity, inequality, sustainability, and social struggles. It also underlines the interdisciplinary approach in human-healthcare relationships. A key aspect of systemic inequality, sustainability, and COVID-19 is the health disparity between governments, the privileged, and underrepresented communities." 


ASU's Aladuwaka and Alagan, besides being married; also share very impressive academic degrees and accolades, including both of them being Fulbright Scholars. 

In an interview with Dr. Aladuwaka, she stated that the global problems caused by COVID-19 will not be easily resolved. 

"As we discuss such topics as COVID-19 and the systemic inequality and sustainability that it manifests, we understand that the pandemic contributes to making the world much more chaotic and vulnerable than ever before from a local to global scale," said Dr. Aladuwaka. "The content of this publication promotes and gives the reader an important discussion, which should interest a diverse group of people such as scientists, government officials, academic researchers, intellectuals and regular citizens."  

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